Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vanity: List your debate night suggestions for Romney

Here's mine, we know Obama will do one thing all night... 

Blame Bush. It works, it obfuscates polls show people believe it. 

How does Romney fight it and make it HUGH and memorable? 

Use the Reagan line "There you go again". 

If he does this early in the debate he will neuter Obama's blame gme for the whole night and really throw him off. When Obama returns to blame, ROmney uses there you go again and hits a grand slam. 


 I say offer Obama and his supporters an olive branch for the unfair treatment given to him by the birthers by making this promise to Obama and his supporters and not breaking the promise...

"when I move into the White House the new attorney general will initiate a thorough and complete investigation in order to clarify to the American people that Barack Obama was indeed eligible and was the legitimate President of these United States. Such an investigation is only fair to not only President Obama and his legacy but also to the American people. I'm sure that the results of this investigation will provide proof that President Obama was indeed legitimately the President of the United States.

However, if by some chance the accusations turn out to be correct, there is a promise that anybody in Congress whether they be republican or democrat will be legally held accountable and justice will be served for any wrong doing and illegal activity. Let that be a warning to the leaders of Congress who have taken the oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America."


 Smile alot. Talk about his wife. Ask Obama why he is so negative all the time and never seems to take responsibility for his own failures. Attack him, but do it with a smile and somewhat belittling tone. Give specifics about how he will improve the economy.


 Your record is a pathetic failure, no matter how much you and Jim here wish it were otherwise.


 If Obozo is stupid enough to say something about releasing tax returns, Romney should say: “I'll be happy to release all of them the minute you release all of your sequestered documents.” If he gets the Blame Bush argument, say: “If I was your supervisor on a job and you screwed up badly but blame it on your supervisor from 4 years ago, should I continue to employ you?” 


 Watch tapes of Reagan, over and over and over again.


 Add ‘Boy’ at the start of every answer. Like...

“Boy, Obama wants details but has none of his own.”

Etc Etc. After calling Obumbles boy a few times, he will be reduced to a spitting, stuttering, raving loon, unable to answer anything. 


In our dreams:

“My opponent has spent the last 4 years whining about the economy he “inherited” (use finger quotes).

He inherited nothing — he REQUESTED this economy, created by disastrous democrat policies and promised to fix it.

Even with the aiding and abetting of both houses of Congress he has only succeeded in making it much, much worse. This points to a lack of vision, a lack of planning, a lack of leadership.
he spoke of hope and change. He did not tell the American people that WAS his strategy: Hope everything will get better.”

As I said — in our dreams.


I think Romney needs an original line ... the ‘there you go again’ worked for Reagan who was older and got the delivery ‘just right’

I think Romney should be saying repeatedly (and he will have a chance every time Obama opens his mouth): “Mr. President, thanks for sharing that story, but let’s get back to your REAL record” .... I’d actually like to see him say: “Mr. President, thanks for sharing that story, but let’s get back to your nonfictional record” .....but that would probably be perceived as too ‘snarky’.

Obummer is known for very long responses and for going far afield. This clearly says Obummer is not telling the truth, making up stories, obfuscating .... etc., etc. It’s polite ... but it’s the iron fist in the velvet glove approach.


 Romney: Before we begin this debate, I demand to have an update on the attack on our embassy and the savage murder of four of our countrymen in Libya. What happened? What were we doing there? Why was there no security? Why did it happen? What are we doing about it? Mr. President,, what are you going to do about it?


“It is widely reported that you have over a billion dollars, tax free, in your OFA (pronouonced “OFAY”) fund.

Explain to America why you think you shouldn’t pay taxes on this wealth, and also why you should get a pass for using a vile racial slur for this fund.”


 Congressman Trey Gowdy of SC on FOX news this morning had a great one liner: Talking about sending aid to Libya and Egypt, now that they have killed 4 of our Americans, and still on the warpath. 

He said: They HATE us and so they can "HATE US FOR FREE". Romney should say that he is opposed to sending our enemy aid, THEY CAN HATE US FOR FREE. We will help AMERICANS first. 

That line is quick, to the point and it will be remembered. It could be his Reagan moment. 

Then add, he will bring ALL our MILITARY home, ASAP. We are not in the training business any longer. American trains their militaty in boot camps in about 90 days, and those Iraqi's etc., can't be trained in 4/5/6/7/8 years? 

(Oh, they are being trained alright, being trained how we do things and then they kill our troops behind their backs, FRIENDLY FIRE????) Thank you Congressman Gowdy. 


 the economic demise did start in bush era, midway of his second term just after he had to try and deal with dems in control of both houses moving forward with all the fannie and freddie unchecked loans give aways...actually that CRP program started under clinton but bush couldn't stop the real use of the program...those give aways lead to most of the conditions that resulted in oct 2008 demise of markets...rommney should really fire back with these details when nobama starts lying about when this shit one ever pushes back with the correct time-line on this...most amercians, while dumb as dirt these days could understand an explanation as short and AS SIMPLE AS THE FACTS ARE ON THIS AS THE ROOT CAUSE... 


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  1. "Add ‘Boy’ at the start of every answer. Like..."

    Yes, call the Blah man "Boy". That will go over well.