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Transcript, video: Mitt Romney jokes at the Alfred E. Smith dinner (Hilarious!)

Obama doesn’t make jokes about himself. That would be racist.


 That speech—shown “unfiltered” on most news channels—could end up convincing a lot more voters to support Romney over Obama. The way the way the speech was delivered reminded me so much of the late Bob Hope’s monologues on his TV specials for NBC.


The applause and laugh meter definitely was off the scale for his remarks and ominously unamused for most of the president's. I objected to Obama being invited, but it was an opportunity for contrast for everyone who saw it.


" I didn’t watch Obama’s speech. How was it received by the audience and how did it compare to Mitt’s?"

 I see someone gave the link to Obummer's speech ... he did NOT get either the laughs or the applause, but if you watch it he did have a couple of good lines.

Chris Matthews directly behind him thought he was hilarious, but I think it should have been an embarrassment to Obama and a clue to him that at least some of the Catholics, know he is an enemy and he received tepid and polite responses.


0bama stunk it up! If they aren’t playing Romney’s jokes they are losing
market share.

Romney was the funniest comedy routine I’ve seen in I don’t know how long. I
haven’t burst out laughing so hard so many times since I can remember.

CNN are idiots.


Notice Michelle did not attend. Pretty clear she despises the Romneys despite Mitt’s magnanimous remarks to the contrary.

The wheel is turning. Obama knows it’s slipping away.


Romney was funnier than the snob-in-chief..


 Obama looks so uncomfortable in white tie and tails. Maybe he wished he could wear his dashaki?


 According to someone who attended last night's dinner, Romney conveyed a more presidential demeanor than Obama. At the dinner's conclusion, many of the attendees flocked to Romney for photo ops and kudos on his jokes. 


 I watched the videos (on YouTube) of both. One thing was immediately apparent. Romney used the word "we" most of the time ...and Obama started almost every sentence with the word "I." For the first 3/4ths of his speech, Obama focused entirely on himself. Although the intent of both was to poke fun at the other, Obama clearly showed that he believes he is the center of the Universe. 


MSDNC had their panties in a wad about the jokes being pointed at their messiah. They were almost as funny as the jokes, he was funny and they knew it.

Pray for America


 I was reading the comments over on the HuffPo, and it is amazing what the left mind sees and hears!


 I’ve not seen such a succinct and polite shredding before.

Makes me believe Romney can handle Putin, et al.


Romney is a class act.

Some of his humor was self-deprecating and he did have kind words for Obama as well, not just jabs. I dont think I could bring myself to note Obama’s ‘wonderful family’ just days after having the guy lie to my face at my expense.


 "Obama was enraged. The constant sipping of coffee told that tale. I’m no body language expert, but that is done to distract and mask anger or nervousness."

 One does not criticize the boy king, even in jest! Obama is not able to laugh at himself.


"The weirdest thing Obumbles said all night was,

“Mitt is Romney’s middle name, I wish I could use my middle name”

I was like WTF??!!!"

 He was playing his leftist victim status. Poor me, I cannot use Hussein because nasty white people won’t like it.


Obama is mentally fragmented as he was abandoned by both parents.

Half white half black.


Privileged but Po

etc etc etc


"I wish I could use my middle name."

That is actually a pretty funny line, or it would be if we didn’t know that Obama picked his own name. He was saying that his first name if bad, but his middle name is even worse.


This speech by Mitt Romney was terrific!!! Unlike the second POTUS debate, which, by the way, Romney won, even though Candy Crowley, the debate moderator & Obama worked together to restrict and trip Mitt Romney up, Romney this evening was free to deliver his remarks unfettered by the foul means of Crowley & Obama in cohoots!!! A home, a grand slam home run!!! Welcome POTUS Romney!!!


That’s not the first time zero has made a joke about his middle name - it was at the Gridiron or maybe the last Al Smith but I distinctly remember zero commenting that giving him the name Hussein didn’t take into account him being POTUS someday - or words to that effect. Obviously he’s ashamed of it.

When Mitt gave him the stink eye over Libya the other night i wondered if zero ever had a father chastise him for lying - or any strong man who expected - in no uncertain terms - that he be honest.

I suspect zero secretly has a ton of awe for Mitt - who represents everything he cannot be because of his rotten childhood.


 Mitt hit it out of the park and I am being unbiased here. He had some clever writers who gave him excellent material. You know Obama is a loser when he can’t even get someone to write good stuff for him. But this is exactly what happened


 Romney easily laughs at himself. Obie not so much.


 I missed the ovation at the beginning for Romney, but he seemed to do a better job (by far) and had much more rousing applause throughout. Obama was just OK, and I consider myself to be fair.


 Does anyone find it odd that Michelle was not there? Serious question. Wouldn't a normal man say his wife was ill, or offer her apologies or something? What the heck? 


 A real, American man with a robust experience in life at many things makes a fraud, community organizer look like the zero that he actually is. His speaking voice and words that BO reads, written by someone else have completely lost their magic. (I never thought they were magic, but many did). There is no comparison.

“Great looking couple. Mitt is so handsome.”

There is not a couple in Hollywood that is better looking. In fact, Mitt is more handsome than any movie star currently on the scene...that I can readily think of.


 obozo is lazy by nature...hates to do the job he was hired to do...likes to do as little as possible. obozo looks like he's resigned to the possibility that he won't have to be “president” any more...tooo much work, doesn't allow him to associate with the people that mean much to him, without scrutiny, like gay lovers for instance. obozo will say he did a great job, and head out to the mansion in Hawaii, where he can play and play and play. Delusional about his greatness, but clear-headed about how to have fun. 


Obama had that “I’m going to get clobbered in November” look.

He must know by now that he is going to lose; BIG!


"I was a little disappointed in Mitt’s politically-oriented jokes.

From the clips I saw of Obama, he was very self-depricating and it really worked for him. I can admit that he was funny. He had Hollywood covering for him, so he has great writers. Remember that the Daily Show team wrote his lines for this year’s White House Correspondant’s Dinner.

That said, Mitt should have done the same. The Biden comments were fine, but the unemployment and O/16 jokes were a bit tough, considering he just followed Obama and I’ve seen no similar jokes from him."

Replies to this:

ou're smokin' crack.

Romney delivered perfectly, one right after another ... nar'y a chance to breathe.

Alfred E. Neuman (apologies, Al), had two jokes, the rest was recounting his days in the white house.
zero was given his pink slip a long time ago ... a victim of the tail getting his dog wagged.

Just look back over the last couple of months, especially since Benghazi .. zero has had no pep, no personality, nothing (even written for him) to say ... they dumped him.

Probably as long back as a year ago he was done but definately since Last month. 


Huh? Were we watching the same broadcast?

Romney was quite self-deprecating, and seemed to enjoy poking fun at himself. Obama was lame and half-hearted, with halting delivery. And if you watch his face as Mitt is speaking, it’s clear that he is NOT amused. I thought his jokes were pitiful.


What we have here is the Republicans, CLC wing: “Chicken Little Conservatives.
Seriously complaining about last night is certainly nit picking and reflects an opinion that even the jokers at MSNBC didn’t endorse.

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