Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Woman Spent One Year Following The Bibles's Literal Instruction For Women

 Summary: "A blogger who spent one year following all of the Bible’s instructions for women, from making her own clothes to 'submitting' to her husband, has now written a book about her experience.
Rachel Held Evans’ book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood, chronicles her 12 month attempt to obey the Bible's commandments for women."

This woman is being deliberately obtuse - what she's doing has nothing to do with Christianity.

But I'm sure its an entertaining book. 


I am highly suspicious of the author's motives here. However, — again — Old Testament law was for ancient Israel. It was for their benefit and to focus their faith on the future Savior. Once the Savior came, the New Testament superseded the “law”. Did she sacrifice animals too? Or is this really just an attempt to try and discredit Judasim and Christianity? 


I’m not here to argue over shell fish.

However, I always saw the rule of removing the woman while having her period as having interesting side effects.

Of course there is the peace it brings to a married couple when the woman’s hormones can create turmoil. Then there is the time the woman has to herself away from daily responsibilities. I imagine that every modern woman would be grateful if they had a mandatory time out once every 4 weeks.
Finally,there is the natural consequence of the man and the woman’s children of having to take over the woman’s tasks. This would make for a well rounded family.


 The woman in the article describes herself as a "liberated" Christian. I'd be really interested in asking her what she thinks she's liberated from.

Also, I wonder if she included in her book any of the Bible's instructions on how men are to treat their wives...i.e., cherish them and love them as Christ loves the church. I'm guessing she didn't. Her book seems like an attempt to paint the Bible as anti-woman.

As an aside, I really don't get some females' fascination with the vagina, and the fairly recent tendency to revere it as some kind of sacred object. 


Oh, shes so clever and sassy. How did she ever know that the homo media would spit all over themselves if she came up with the unique idea of trashing the Bible and saying vagina?

She gonna be on tee vee? American idol in her little Christian vagina tent out back because we all know Christians are doing that all the time? Oh! Oh! She says vagina! That’s new for the homo crowd! That’s so shocking and fabulous! Christians everywhere are going to “change” into sassy little tent beans now! She showed us! Wait a minute! I think this is a tired old rerun!

One can arrive at sexual morality via the school of hard knocks or just listen to what generations before them learned the hard way. They don’t even have to open the Bible to see that there is no society on earth that is organizing itself around homos because it is not a winning human survival strategy on a micro or macro level.

Homos can do their thing in America like everyone else. We are not going to put their butt pleasure at the center of our education, families, socialization, worship, and lives. How shocking is this?


 what it should prove is how much more reasonable our fundamentalists are, given they don’t actually live this way. Juxtapose this to the way the kooky Islamic fundamentalists interpret how women in their culture should live.

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  1. "The woman in the article describes herself as a "liberated" Christian. I'd be really interested in asking her what she thinks she's liberated from."

    Really, if she was a "liberated" Christian she would identify herself as Christian at all.