Thursday, October 18, 2012

Solid proof Obama is planning a concession speech event for November 6th Election Night

Obama chose McCormick Place for his post-election speech, and one right wing author pondered if it indicated that Obama is expecting to lose.

"basically only walking, Taxi or car. No trains or buses suitable for a large crowd."

IOW, an eminently defensible place to announce a coup d'├ętat... 


I’ll believe it when I hear it.

Gore never conceded, only whined and threatened GW, after refusing to acknowledge and respect the election result for weeks after election day.

I anticipate Hussein will do all that PLUS chide America for electing the wrong man.


 Off to Hawaii with the Obozos! Although, that will be a brief interlude while O golfs and body surfs with lifetime Secret Service protection and Michelle redecorates, before O re-appears in the public limelight. Afterwards, I have no doubt he’ll be on TV virtually non-stop second-guessing Romney and campaigning for top spot at the UN, where he can work against the US and on behalf of the New Caliphate full-time.


 Hate to be a party pooper but the anti-Christ will rule from the UN and not America. His job is to first eliminate the American challenge to his total global power.


 When Barry loses the election, he will refuse to leave the WH, and will hole up in the underground bunker for months..


 Just imagine all the Democrats hanging onto Obi-done's coattails as he plunges over the cliff. 

We could easily see a repeat of 2010, with House, Senate, state, and local races go Republican, from coast to coast. 

I'm predicting a 59% to 39% popular vote wipeout, with 398 to 140 electoral votes. 

The whole country knows this bozo has got to go. 


"Right now the economy is dead in the water. This month reminds me of Y2K and 911. Very little actual cash is flowing around. Basically due to the uncertainty of the election and of course all those dollars sent into every ones favorite political candidate. We need this election to be over and done with. And a clear winner to emerge with some type of mandate. An Obama comeback that just barely wins, wont get the economy roaring. Just get us back to June/July of 2012 with a boatload more of Marxist stupidity to come. A Romney win with a mandate would let loose the flow of investment and spending. Dragging the country through a month more of uncertainty after the election, could absolutely implode the economy."

 Exactly. If retail sales are any measure, the entire economy is holding its collective breath, waiting for the morning of November 7th. There is nothing going on except at discount stores and Wal-Mart


 "I still think O will be the most insufferable ex-Prez ever, though. He'll make even Jimmy Carter look patriotic and well-tempered in his remarks. O and Mooch will NEVER shut up."


That's pretty much a given.

And he's a young guy with years and years and years and years and years ahead of him. 

And then someone comes along and ruins all the fun:

 McCormick Place is the largest convention center in North America. The idea that it's "hard to get to" is laughable. It's where they have (among other things) the Chicago Auto Show every year.

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  1. "I'm predicting a 59% to 39% popular vote wipeout, with 398 to 140 electoral votes. "

    Heard it here first folks, Obama is only going to win:

    CA, IL, DC, NY, ME, CN, MA, RI, VT, HI, CT