Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Romney erases Obama advantage among women in new poll

Probably because Romney was a man, not some simpering child. And the women could tell. The eye-candy will get you only so far with a woman.

This keeps up and election night will be very fun!


 Can it be true that voters aren't primarily concerned with free rubbers and government paid abortions? 


 I think women actually started to become offended when they realized that the Democrat Party thinks of them as vaginas with voter registration cards.


“We know your deepest desire is to fornicate like a man, or like you think they do, without consequences, and we’ll make that entirely possible, while the other side wants to inhibit you from doing that.”

Yep, once that message starts to become apparent, you start to lose the decent people.


If Mitt is running even with women and he has a plus a 16pt advantage with independents then, as Pat Caddell said the other night on Hannity, “This race is over”.


Seriously, though, there is no “women’s vote”. They are not a monolithic group.

There are vast differences in views toward government among women who have a strong, stable relationship (marriage) with a good protector and provider, and those who do not.


 This is all very interesting. Part of this giant leap forward by Romney is due to the pollsters silently adjusting their turnout models under the hood (i.e. no longer inflating Obama's numbers). But part of it is certainly a genuine reaction to the debate. Romney killed it and Obama tanked it, what a contrast it was.


 Call me sexist, I could care less. Some women can be such airheads. Men have their own issues, so don't hit me with the "Women shouldn't Vote" stuff! Anyway, I am a women and could never understand why Romney was down by so many points with women. A group of women I know aren't all Sandra Fluke, pay for my contraception bimbos; but they were "on the fence". I'm talking about a rather large group of (usually) reasonable women. After the debate I made nearly twenty phone calls. All of the women I spoke with thought Romney did great. 16 said they see what I've been talking about and will vote for him. 10 asked for bumper stickers (get your own!), 2 are "wait and see". But every single one of them now says Romney is "good-looking", "sexy for a 65 year old", has "such a strong jaw-line" , "nice eyes". Women need to stop voting based on looks. Why they thought Obama was good looking, I don't know. But when a very good debate performance changes your appearance, What the heck? Romney looks the same as he did yesterday. Only now he's "hot".


Women don’t notice looks. They like to have sex with power. That can be expressed in terms of violence, like an MMA fighter, or of high competence, such as the CEO.

Then in the chick mind, the powerful dude “looks attractive.


It’s the Alpha-male law of attraction. Women are attracted to men who exude confidence and take control of things and situations.

Romney was very, very much the alpha in this debate. Obama was definitely the beta. His body language said it all.

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  1. "Can it be true that voters aren't primarily concerned with free rubbers and government paid abortions?"

    Those two things are my only concerns in every election.