Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Biden: Obama Considering 'Executive Order' to Deal With Guns

Can we recall/remove the President and Vice president for failure to uphold the Constitution? I bet if there was a way to have a vote on it they would be history. I can dream can’t I?


Hitler and Stalin gave the same orders... I WILL not...I will REPEAT.... I will NOT live under oppression, tyranny and see my daughters raped and my property pillaged.



I can hardly wait. . . . . . . .

The second revolution will START. . . . . . . . . . Just as the Founding Fathers said. . . . . . . . . . . 


 Civil war is coming. This could be a flashpoint.


Under obamacare, Physicians and teachers are asking kids, “does daddy have any guns at home?” The EO will be just an order to confiscate based on the info collected. Under the patriot act POTUS decides who is a terrorist. An EO to DHS, may be all Zero needs.


The lesson we learned from Obama’s ineligibility is that as long as the system screws everybody, it’s nobody’s business.

This is the bed we made by accepting that crap, and we either lie in it or do something to start over and not make the same mistakes the first USA made.


I was listening to the Art Bell show a few months ago and the guest on was some guy from the Merlin Project. What really caught my ear is that he said Obama’s chart is very similar to MLK, Jr.’s. It was posted online during the radio show and it showed his chart ending in early 2013. What could be the reason for it? It is becoming more clear as time goes by.


Will the military stand with Zero in the event of a Civil War? Hopefully not.


If you read the personal writings of the day from WWII, Hitler and his minions were similarly (and pleasantly) surprised to discover that Westerners simply will keep bending over backwards as long as they can. 

For us, everyone knows that this war is going to be an ugly, vicious, bloody war... and one side is doing everything it can to bear the burdens and ignore the incoming tyranny. When the fight eventually comes (no telling what event will play the role of Poland), it will not be pleasant. 


All one has to do is examine what Obama has done on the international stage to see what he will do here. Nothing but death and destruction to Libya, Egypt and Syria. And now Iraq is destabilizing as is Afghanistan. Said he would be responsible for more deaths then anyone in human history about 3-4 years ago. And it looks like he is right on track. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Obama.


Progressives created this culture of violence and immorality, and now propose to deny decent and honest people the ability to defend themselves against its byproducts. Well, to hell with them and to hell with that.


" Lincoln pulled this kind of crap and became a hero for it. Turned the guns on those who tried to lawfully seceed .I am sure in this day and age it will go down even easier than it did back in in the 1860's. "

Abraham Lincoln 

declared war against the oppressed states who legally seceeded, blockaded their ports seized their assets, forced the south into firing the first shot 

declared the Emancipation Proclomation

probably 99% of the freepers think Lincoln is a hero and adore him, even my idol Mark Levin adores that rat basterd Stincoln

if the left want their socialist utoia then they shoudl move and move back to teir liberal crap holes and set their country up near the Canadian border.

Leave us alone down here and parts of the midwest and AK, to hell with the left wing scum and their elitist media pals and those fools on our side which keep reaching out


 Does anyone think it odd that after action taken by his minions that would allow der 0berFuhrer emperor Hussein 0bama to serve unlimited terms, that he wants to seize our weapons?


I was getting tired of using my middle finger to them anyway.. the index finger is next.
How DARE they........

On my way to drop my son off this morning- I saw someone with a bumper sticker that read: “The hardest part about the Zombie Apocalypse is that I have to pretend like I am not excited”.

The left seems very excited to light this candle- and I wonder if they realize that there are some people who are excited about hunting zombies.


The weak traitorous US Congress did NOTHING when Obama
plotted to have raped and murdered
a US Ambassador on TV
so as to coverup his shift
of 20,000 MANPADS and weapons to al Qaeda.

And they will do NOTHING now, except cash their
paychecks as they smugly laugh, free of ObamaCARE
and accountability.


The executive branch of government that does not recognize the other two branches of government as co-equals is truly a danger to this country.

If Obama decides to go, ‘Django unchained’, against the ‘Bitter Clingers’, then all hell will break out.
It is coming.


 "Civil war is coming."

I would rather suffer an EMP attack or total economic collapse.

Sady, though, we won't be given a choice - I was "hoping" for either of those to occur before "We the people" had to resort to that unmentionable "Plan B". 


Why does the left want to punish law-abiding gun owners for those few who commit heinous acts with the guns. How many guns exist in America? And how many crimes are committed with guns. Only a tiny amount of guns — .001 percent? — are involved in crimes. How many people own guns? How many people commit crimes with guns? Only a time amount of people — .001 percent — of gun owners commit crimes.

I am sick of the broad brush with which gun ownership is painted in order to target a tiny segment.

There are thousands of people killed by drunk drivers each year but do I have to lose my right to drink or to drive simply because a lot of other idiots drink and drive?

The left simply doesn’t like guns, and I haven’t yet figured out why?


As I watched ABC world news last night, and Diane Sawyer bring forth Gabby Giffords, leading a disabled witness like a skilled attorney to the conclusion, Giffords pronouncement of “enough”, I realized the Media and left were in full on assualt mode. The fuse has been lit, and the left won’t let go until they prevail. They won’t debate, they won’t be reasonable, or negotiate, or compromise. I have only a small hope they can be stopped after this last election. The low information, low intelligence, emotional populace is now the Majority.


 I will fire upon any government representative who attempts to usurp my liberty, even if that means my own death. I have no problem saying it. My soul is prepared.


“Civil war is coming.”

Get ready. It may be starting sooner than you think.
Cuomo is about to announce the enslavement of NY gun owners.

10 minutes and counting......

“Impeach the kenyan or secession”.
No. No secession. Folks say it’s time for CW-2-—no, it isn’t. It’s time for the Second American Revolution. We keep what we’ve lived and worked for, and we restore the Republic.


Perhaps we should refer to the (possible) upcomming event as the “First American Restoration War”. That is, after all, what we all desire.


While I do not wish to die, I have no fear of death. I do fear being starved to death in one of obama’s camps to the extent that if faced with either being killed or voluntarily going to one of obama’s camps, I will die resisting.


"I don’t how I would feel firing at someone wearing the same uniform I once did."

I know how I'd feel... ashamed of HIM for making me do it. Ashamed of HIM for not standing up for The Constitution and being a mere puppet to a tyrannical government. I'd like to think that our military would be better than that, but based on what I saw happen during Hurricane Katrina, I'm not so sure. I really don't like the direction this whole thing is going, but I don't see much choice in the matter. Either roll over and play dead, or protect the last thing that really DOES protect us.


  1. "I will fire upon any government representative who attempts to usurp my liberty, even if that means my own death. I have no problem saying it. My soul is prepared."

    No you won't. I have no problem saying it. My sole is peppered.

  2. "Abraham Lincoln

    declared war against the oppressed states who legally seceeded, blockaded their ports seized their assets, forced the south into firing the first shot

    declared the Emancipation Proclomation"

    Wow... just... wow...

  3. I know it is all BS, but this keyboard commando talk of CW2 is still a tad unsettling. I figure if it kicks off I can protect myself but hiding in narrow hallways that their Hooverounds can't fit threw

  4. The left screwed up. You pushed too hard, too fast and demonized your if you were preparing for genocide against your politial opponents. You've also spread such memes about the right
    as 'eliminate', 'kill' 'murder,' etc.

    The right knows history and can read very well, actually.

    Now, the DoD is wargaming a civil war...and civilians around the country are doing the same. (The numbers are not on the side of the government. The government cannot win.)

    “Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A Vision of the Future,” by Colonel Kevin Benson, USA (ret), 2012.

    “Of Alarms, Militias and Destiny” by Bob Owens.

    “Dear Mr. Security Agent” by Matt Bracken.

    "If They Come for Your Guns, Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight?" By Dean

    "The Next American Civil War" by J.D. Longstreet.

    “Fire meet gasoline” at DaTechGuy blog.

    "Rise of Extremism" by Warren "Bones" Bonesteel

    "The Next American Revolution" by Warren 'Bones' Bonesteel

    "Beyond Conspiracy: Police State America." by Warren 'Bones' Bonesteel

    1. The Democrats delved too greedily and too deep. We know what they awoke in the darkness of the Republican Party... shadow and tea.

    2. Don't breed. Please, please don't breed.

    3. I can list books too!!!

      Horseshoe Crabs and Velvet Worms
      Richard Fortey

      Physical Biology of the Cell
      Rob Phillips

      Practical Bioinformatics
      Michael J. Agostino

      Dreaming the Future
      Kenny Ausubel

  5. I can definitely relate to and agree with a lot of the things you're saying, but that stuff about Lincoln is just whacko my friend. good luck with that.

  6. >Can we recall/remove the President and Vice president for failure to uphold the Constitution? I bet if there was a way to have a vote on it they would be history. I can dream can’t I?

    Yes. If only there was some kind of way for people to vote on who got to be president...