Wednesday, January 16, 2013


These are from a few posts today, starting with ones from before Obama spoke. As we all now know, the 23 point executive order was actually pretty tame. During his speech about it and while he signed it, there were children on stage.

As you might expect, the reactions on FR ranged from acknowledging that they were pretty tame to accusing Obama of being literally Hitler.

Does he mean to start a war...


Today will go down in history as the last great day for America.
Dictators and Statists now rule us serfs.


"Check out the link, they’ve got kid/props on stage!" 

 Shields for the cowards speaking? 


Ugh - ‘quoting’ Reagan

Reagan wanted taxes lowered also, you didn’t agree with that 2 weeks ago.


 Start impeachment against him right now.

The writer of the articles should surround himself with the children whose rights Obama is eating.

Any congressman or senator who fails to impeach should also be impeached.

Down with tyranny.


Now he is bringing up the Sikh shooting.
The muzzies have been killing Sikhs for centuries and his admin has been very friendly towards the muzzie brotherhood which has worked against religious minorities in many countries and some of those minorities were Sikhs....
What a damn hypocrite!!!!!




Playing on the nations emotions. Saying the Government must protect us.
He sickens me beyond no end.

In 4 weeks we went from an EVENT to this. FOUR SHORT WEEKS.

He sickens my stomach.


Ask your lib friends if 100,000 kids wrote letters asking for abortion to be banned, would he issue an executive order?

He could save most of 300,000 lives a year if he did


and yet no one actually DOES anything.

I’m ready to march but it’s still not enough to get many American’s out of their comfort zones.
I guess when the doors are kicked in and prisons overflowing with us will we get really really angry. 

I’m afraid it’ll take Nazi-like death camps before Americans wake up. That’s what it took for the world to tackle Hitler. (again speaking out of complete frustration here)


"time for either the north to go on it;s own as it;s always the north east pushing their socialist agenda onto us or we get balls and tell DC and this clown to piss off.

Marriage, yea that turd poking marriage and abortion is not a constitutional right, having a gun shall not be infringed is a right.

something the low info , great unwashed masses ignore or do not know due to their poor low level brain."

I agree. It’s always those liberal snots in the North causing trouble. The so-called intellectuals. Let them have their gun free, homosexual marriage, abortion, union thug states and see how that works out for them, but don’t tread on us.


Yes it was a unspeakable tragedy in Newtown, however more children died at the hands of violent abortion Dr`s this morning in most states alone

The National Conversation should be about the dreams that have been robbed from some 60,000,000+ Children! Their lives were taken violently from them!

And as terrible as it sounds to say, probably most if not all of the Newtown victims parents gave their OK to rob the lives of the 60 million plus with their Democrat Party votes.

So I see crocodile tears from so many. Obama mentioning we have to do this for children? He has no credibility being one of 2 that voted to not give aid to a child that survived an abortion


"I had my back to the TV and the sound turned down and figured I would just read the thread. Then out of some kind of masochistic curiosity, I turned to look at the TV and it blew my mind! He was ENJOYING this like some sadist who enjoys putting kitties in microwaves and pulling the wings off butterflies.

G-d forgive me for the hatred I have for this man."

God forgive me, I hate him too. [My husband] was swearing at the TV, so he left the room when the Mass started on EWTN. You’re right that he enjoyed himself immensely. This was pure joy for him. He loved every minute. He deserved an Oscar for his performance: making all the sad faces and then the 5’s with the children at the end. Sick-ken-ning.


damn right, I;m sick of these north east types with teir arrogant snotty nosed attitude coming down here and then telling us what they want, how we should live and how our schools should be.

One boy has just moved down here who wear lipstick and wears tops saying he likes boys, .
Most kids think he;s a freak, most don;t want anything to do with him minus a couple of ditzy girls and none of them can say a damn thing to this weirdo because he’ll go running to who ever to get a lawsuit.

They like you said can have their illegal immigrant, homosexual, cross dressing, pro thug, sorry union, gun fre zones, abortion agenda.

Hell we had one woman who moved down here telling us we should not have fires in our yards because it;s bad for the air.

We have about 200 people who meet for a party in about two weeks and we bring our Christmas trees to burn and have a massive fire, we all bring food and our own drinks and the food is laid out for all to eat.

This woman from MA thought it was wrong, she hated my county because we have no , muslims or homosexuals walking about.

Republicans outnumber Dems and non party combined

She wanted the confederate flag not ot be flown as well.

Well after a year she moved back north, to hell with her.

They want their socialist utopia then let them leave the union because lets face it we have two Americas because of this muppett in our house

My wife is a yankee but fits in with the south, started getting a southern accent which is sexy on a woman, 

it;s those yankees which come down ehre and think our states should look like the cess pits which they left and when they don;t get all their own way they pull hissy fits like a baby.

Complaining that we don;t have certain stores, the country corner log cabin store called billy buds is too red neck and doens;t have their $250 wine or their Voss water[sigh]

We just need someone wiht balls wiht a public voice to get out there, I’ll protest outside DC , hell I;ll camp out too and I would love to see millions of us there , a bit like Tahir square and the Arab spring but ours is the Christian winter LOL.


 Any governor of any state who bows to any Executive Order on gun control should be removed from office immediately, by any means necessary. 


What’s with Precious today? His face looks swollen, his skin looks broken out. He’s listless and depressed. Is he hung over? Sick? Anyone else notice?


We need to realize that this is what the Usurper is saying in public, not necessarily what he will do.

6. Publish a letter from ATF to federally licensed gun dealers providing guidance on how to run background checks for private sellers.

Why would a private seller have to use an FFL holder?

Here's my take:

1) The ATF will announce that gun-show organizers are considered to be firearms dealers and all firearms sold at gun shows must have a background check performed.

2) The ATF will announce that all sales of firearms are considered transactions covered by the Gun Control Act.

See? A wave of the magic administrative wand and no more "gun show loophole" and no more private sales of firearms.

We need several states to make it clear that Federal officials trying to enforce any bullcrap like this will be arrested and will be prosecuted and will not be released based on any order of a Federal court. 


Obama intentionally pushing buttons wanting to get people upset. Why?

Authoritarianism. Obama and his kids are more important than yours. His family and power group will have security. There is a class system. Your kids are not as important. State comes 1st.

your individual rights are not what matters...America becomes like rest of world.

0bama will enact a snitch program and offer a bounty that will encourage your neighbors and liberal relatives to turn you in. 


This gets his foot in the door, its not over for sure.


"Looks like they are not utter and complete incompetents after all. They figured out that there were some clear constitutional limitations."

 OK, now you have me worried. That statement means we must have missed something. Gotta go back for another look.


Sounds like a lot of bluster. You know,like something Biden would put together.

Looks like Bammy does not want to get impeached...yet.

Now we have to make Congress understand, especially the Pubs in the House: NO MORE GUN LEGISLATION.

If anything, we should go on the offensive and demand changes /repeal to the NFA 1934 and The GCA 1968.

Two can play the brinkmanship game.

-- Yes that would end well.


Was surprised how gently the gun confiscation phase in American history was kicked off today. A couple of points stood out but this one did for the wrong reason; I laughed:
14. Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.

Much of this today seems to address the mental health perspective. To me, that means not only pertaining to gun owners who don't like the communist takeover, but also to conservatives (Constitutionalists), Christians, and just about anybody liberals don't like how they think. 


"Crack cocaine"

Serious question, do you think? It is what I think. Well, I well tell you what I think.

I think he binges. Goes all out periodically. Then abstains and does RX medication (like Kevin on Hillbuzz reports).

The first debate is what really, really peaked my radar. His missing hours, showing up at weird places and complete lack of discipline, his appearance.


"Not as bad as I thought"

The threat of impeachment will do that to an impostor who illegally reside in the people’s house. Guess he can’t afford that confrontation, or risk being outed as a forger and fraud.


 Time to stop talking about The Second Amendment and start seriously thinking about using it for what it’s really for. This government under Obama means to become over-reaching and tyrannical.


The World Health Organization list of murders worldwide by country (that I saw) actually had the U.S. very low, right at the bottom of the very long list, in fact, as to numbers of murders per 100,000 population. (The worst ones either had tough gun laws or else had guns BANNED.)

Never let a crisis go to waste . . . ha . . . and he doesn’t!


Barry is always unveiling something. He’s got to be a muzzie.


that was sooo weird. I was sure we'd see an end to ALL imported ammo via E.O., and an E.O. to stop parts-kits and other imported arms.
What just happened? The Left blinked?  


Does anyone think it’s time for a million man gun march on DC? Not to overthrow or do violence, but to really show DC we are tired of the progressive views that are destroying our great country. Maybe that would instill the fear of God in our illustrious representatives, I don’t know. The second amendment is not for hunting rights but was written to prevent the tyranny that seems to be rapidly forced down our throats. I agree with Glenn has to be done as Ghandi or as Jesus....a quiet show of force. No malicious intent, no shooting up the place since that would bring derision from the left.

I don’t know if our reps would even listen...I’m sure most would all leave town on the day of the march. Hard to say if it would make a difference, one could only hope.


I am quite shocked at how milquetoast the "Executive orders" are. Technically they are merely directives and not orders at all. I'm wondering if he wasn't scared off by the possible negative impact of some actual gun grabbing order.

This was all Kabuki Theater with the Children as props. "Look what I'm doing for the Children" and when you look at it closely, he didn't do anything.

The good thing is that this is all smoke and mirrors. The bad thing is that this was all smoke and mirrors. 

He's going after our guns one way or the other. Tyrants can't operate where the citizenry is armed. If he is going to destroy this country he will need to take the weapons out of the hands of patriots. That is his goal.

 Obammy got skeerd?


He bought time & we got some, too, in the bargain. Good enough for today.
Forewarned is forearmed, no pun intended.


“Does anyone think it’s time for a million man gun march on DC?”

I firmly believe that 100 - 200 well-armed, well-trained people could overtake Congress in an hour. The White Hut, maybe less than that.

That is why I keep hoping for a bloodless coup d’etat.


 And suddenly no one cares about Benghazi, let alone Fast and Furious. What a coincidence.


  1. "Barry is always unveiling something. He’s got to be a muzzie."

    I thought the ebbil muslims were always trying to put veils on things, not take them off.

    1. I'd also like to thank Liberal Elitist for braving the seas of derp to deliver these nuggets of freeper insanity.

  2. "I firmly believe that 100 - 200 well-armed, well-trained people could overtake Congress in an hour. The White Hut, maybe less than that.

    That is why I keep hoping for a bloodless coup d’etat."

    And what do you think the Secret Service and the rest of the feds are going to be doing during all this? Sitting on their hands? Taking a vacation? Plus you've got the Pentagon practically right next door. The place would be crawling with government agents and troops.

    Oh, what I wouldn't give to see you crazy shmucks try. I bet they'd last five minutes.

  3. "Today will go down in history as the last great day for America."

    How many of these have we had now? I've lost count.