Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sandy Hook Shooting: Grieving Parents Hoax..Worked for Home Security as Crisis Actors

Really crazy article here. Another article discussed in the comments is here

Summary: Conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook. The main three are that (a) two parents interviewed by Fox News resemble a pair of actors from Florida, (b) the father of Emilie Parker was shown to be laughing with someone before giving his remarks at the memorial, which makes wingnuts think he's an actor as well, and (c) the family picture released for Emilie Parker has her wearing a red dress; a blonde resembling her wearing the same dress was photographed with Obama after her death, causing wingnuts to believe she is not actually dead. By the way, the simple explanation for the last one is also found in the family photo, which shows that she has two blonde sisters who look a lot like her (both photographs are linked further down in the comments). 

The shooting is terrible but we are being lead by the government. The proof is right in front of your eyes. Why actors? Why is that parent laughing?


"What is the point of these “actors” - they looking for 15sec of fame or do they have an agenda ?"

I'm thinking there are people in place who go to these tradgedies to exploit them for their gun grabbing agenda.

Personally I still do not buy that the weapon used was an AR 15. How single women purchase AR 15's?

A long rifle, probably a shotgun was recovered from the trunk of the car. There is video tape of it.

There is definitely some very questionable stuff going on with this incident. 


Sadly Nachum this will go absolutely nowhere- Aemrica does NOT care anymore- whatever the democrats do is just fine with htem as long as big government keeps promissing more andm otre stuff- even if big governemnt doesn’t deliver- the masses are cotnent just havign htreir ears tickled by smooth talking politicians promissing htem hte moon-

Hell, the left could stage a fake school shooting somewhere- and the school coudl even be a fake school- with all paid actors hamming it up for the cameras- and the govenrment woudl succeed in whipping everyone into an anti-gun frenzy, and it coyudl later be revealed that the whole thing was fake and the peopel would NOT care- they would excuse the blatant deceit by saying ‘well, the governemnt was just tryign to get across the message that guns are evil- and this was their most effective means of gettign that message across- who are we to question the government and ask why htey do what they do (BUT by golly, let a democrat make a FALSE accusation about a democrat, and the peopel go bersetrk demanding ‘justice’ and demanding ‘the truth!!)

No- when it coems to the left, America does NOT care any longer what the left does-


This does lead to a thought: suppose this were all a hoax? To be blunt, the only experience most of us had with it, was that it was reported by all the TV networks, here on FR by people watching TV, or on the Internet by people watching TV, etc. My point being is that the reliability of TV news reporting is sketchy at best, and it is well known they all (including Fox News) lean to the left and generally support the government’s agenda in pursuit of more power. That might be going a bit far but I haven’t seen anything posted here like “my father’s brother’s cousin lives there, and...”

For my own part, I think it did happen, btw. But I also think the government was behind it- who was Lanza protecting when he smashed the hard drives of the computers in his house? Perhaps those who were giving him orders....


"The little girl on the right is Emily Parker, one of the victims
Who is the little girl between obama's legs?"

They couldn’t even be bothered to change her dress.

Oh, course the child is innocent here and it just maybe her very favorite Christmas dress. but if you are going to try a scam, good grief at least try.


“Never let a crisis go to waste” —the guiding star of GayMuzzie’s Administration.

General Electric —I can’t believe I’m saying this, since it sounds like the Marxist bilge I’ve been railing against for decades— G.E. is part of the machine, a real insider.

And the culprit was dead already, and it turned out he was the son of the tax division big-whig for General Electric.

So they had lemons on their hands. And Barry and Holder decided to wash off the F&F egg still on their faces, using LEMONADE.

So they counted up the bodies, and they had 10 or so victims, and they looked at the UK mass shooting that succeeded in disarming the British people, and they decided they needed something like TWICE that many victims.

And so 1/2 or even most of the purported victims are indeed underground, and then the remainder are alive and walking around somewhere, belonging to Progressive Families who, err...have been compensated for their inconvenience and loyalty “to the Flag”, which means gun-control and the smiling brown POTUS.
Sounds pornographic, but.....that’s what I first thought when it turned out all those machine-guns had been PROVIDED to drug-dealers by the head of the Justice Department.
I thought it was whacko, anti-guv PORN. And it was THE TRUTH.


This thing has stunk to high heaven since the start... to begin with, there were MULTIPLE reports of additional people being chased/apprehended at the scene.

That news disappeared real quick...

There were reports of a van, possibly purple, that had people inside WEARING SKI MASKS!!

Yeah, like alot of people just drive around in a van wearing ski masks...

I hate to say it, but I don’t think it was a lone nutbar.


I think that whole family is in real danger, now.
They will either live on a nice place on Tierra del Fuego, or end up like the 3 gay men from the Preezzie’s old Chicago “church”, a month after he announced his candidacy.


You know, what makes me likely to believe that something is amiss here is that in order for me to believe that Sandy Hook happened exactly as they say, I have to believe the word of professional liars, professional illusionists, professional swayers of opinion, government employees, democrats from blue a blue state, and worst of all vampires who subsist on blood and freedom.

I am not likely to believe any of them at all.


"I never discount conspiracies but it could be that because the two eldest daughters resemble each other so much, and that the surviving one is wearing the deceased daughter's dress,it seems as if it is the same little girl.

Just my observation."

I want to believe that, but they would have to go so far as to even changing how her sister parted her hair.

That would be very sick indeed. 


I wasn't the only one on FR who commented on how strange the M.E. was at the time of his 15 minutes of fame especially when he was laughing about the shooting during his presser and more than one parent didn't seem too grief stricken at the time. Now, this all this, I dunno. I don't want to believe it but those pictures are compelling. With this admin., anything is possible especially since we all know Benghazi was total bs.


the whole confirmed multple’shooters thing - by the cops’themselves catching two other guys dressed in black ops gear with rifles is been dropped’the first day.

these were the guys that killed the kids and then killed the patsy and all the blame gets put on him. this is all another contrived fast and furious false flag op.


its possible [that the girl is the sister], also look at hair length..easy enough to find out, someone stakeout the family to see how many people are there...actually go question then family kids are easiest to spill the beans...


  1. "How single women purchase AR 15's?"

    The real question is "How single women shot AR 15's?"

  2. "...gun-control and the smiling brown POTUS."

    *SO* not racist at all.