Monday, January 7, 2013

Rapper Capital Steez Takes His Life

Summary: "19-year old Brooklyn rapper Capital Steez has died, presumed by suicide.

Jamal Dewar, aka Capital Steez, was one of the “up-and-coming rappers” of Brooklyn, according to Billboard magazine."

 “up and coming rapper” - oh what a goal to achieve.


 Watched his video, ‘free the robots’. I was in agreement with him until he started talking about it being a ‘white man's world’. Maybe he found out that wasn't true? In any case, 19 is just the beginning - he had his whole life in front of him. Prayers for those who loved him. 


If I woke up one morning and found myself billed as an up and coming rapper, I’d consider suicide too. These “artists” are the “Pied” Pipers that are leading black kids to the hell they believe is the Promised Land. (And yes, almost all are “pied.”)


On one hand, I sympathize with his family and friends in their loss. On the other hand, many rappers do a lot of harm in their lives. Maybe he prevented a murder or other crimes he might have committed later.


"I watched [his most famous song] twice, but his solution for people at the end seemed to be gun violence.

That is harm. And not Christian."

Yes, promoting and encouraging evil behavior is also evil and harmful, and that is what much rap music does, even if the performer is not himself a criminal.


Who inherits his gold “grill”?

Poor kid was brainwashed that there was some secret nirvana where “white people” lived on easy street and had milk and honey, and he was not allowed to go because of his pigmentation.

Hopefully he sees now, where he is, there is no easy street.

It is only with God, that anyone has any value and worth, and God doesn’t think about skin color- he cares about obedience.

People are all using each other to get ahead.

Prayers for his family. How terribly painful. I give him credit that he didn’t need to take out innocent people.

May God have mercy on him. Life is hard these days.


"I sympathize with his family..."

Who? His 19,000 Cuz’s (all are related), or his absent dad, his drugged up Ma or the Grandmother who raised him and couldn’t instill ethics in him so he was driven to suicide? Jus’ aksin’.


And I checked my “give a Shiite Bucket” and it was empty. Actually someone cut the bottom out. Oh, well.

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