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Man (Rosen) who helped Sandy Hook kids is harassed by conspiracy theorists

Previously on Freep Impact, Freepers were considering whether or not the Sandy Hook shootings were a hoax. One man who let 6 kids stay at his home after they escaped from the shooting did quite a few interviews with the media, and as a result, he has begun to be harassed by people who believe he is an actor and that the shooting never happened. Some of these comments I threw in to make it more obvious that not everyone at FR thinks Sandy Hook is a hoax. Those that do, however, are very vocal.

Yahoo! Article here.

"I've never heard of this guy, or a right wing conspiracy involving him? 

Didn't y'all send me the memo? 

In a time with little additional or non conflicting information on the shooting, this shows up? Seems odd"

Yes, sadly, there are Sandy Hook truthers on the right. These are the Alex Jones crowd. You don’t have to look far for these conspiracy folks.


Sad, but after Fast & Furious I absolutely understand why there is that public mood:

WHY do we have so much public doubt of authority?

Cuz they DESERVE it —ALL of it.


I feel sorry for the man, but there is a reason why these wacky conspiracy theories are out there. They are no more outrageous than the lies, the deceit and the denial of the truth that officials and the press have “reported” to us.

And just who benefits from wacky theories and suppression of the truth?



The guy did what anyone would have done. They're going after the wrong villain. 


The conspiracy theorists aren’t all saying the massacre didn’t happen.. It’s WHO was behind the massacre and evidence conveniently destroyed (computer hard drive) as to WHO Adam was corresponding with that MUST be questioned here.


Forget this guy, who was the 2nd black t shirt and camo pants guy who was running past the school buildings and taken into custody in the woods?


I have no more truck with these "truthers" than I do for the 9-11 "truthers."

That said, this guy's story is a little strange. He says he got parent cell phone numbers from the bus company? Why didn't he call police or fire or the school district to let them know these kids were safe and where they were? How did these kids get out of the closet where they were hiding and past the gunman and the police? He says it was about 9:30 but the shooting started at 9:30. Why would a "bus driver" be at the school after the kids had been delivered and school started? If the kids ran out the front door of the school, the first structure they would come to is the fire station - where emergency services were mustering and kids were being taken. Why would they go past that to a private home? Why would he keep them at his house for "hours"? Why would this "bus driver" in whose care the children were left disappear and has never reappeared? Why hasn't any parent of a child who was at this house come forward?

I don't doubt the massacre, but I wonder if any reporters have checked out this guys story? It's probably useless to ask the question. The media would feel checking this guy out would put them in the "truther" camp. 


 I don’t believe the story I was given. It was indeed a very unfortunate tragedy. i am certain that before obama is out of office there will be other events that will sadly make this seem like a distant memory.

I definately believe the murders did happen. However, I believed the killer was “programmed”. I will never have any proof, and I am not going to try to get any. I just find it weird that there is such a mad rush to grab guns ever since with the threat of using an Executive Order.


There’s more to this story than we’re being told.

Who would go to the trouble of harassing him without motive?

Time this went Paul Harvey!


 Don’t let yourself get schmuckered by snopes; they are one of the least reliable sites on the web. They have fabricated so many “debunkings” that just the fact that they have weighed in tends to confirm that it is true.


“[These actions] are no more outrageous than the lies, the deceit and the denial of the truth that officials and the press have “reported” to us.”

What are you talking about? The conspiracy nuts are questioning the very existence of murder victims, and calling the grieving families “paid actors”. That is extremely outrageous, morally shameful stuff. Show me something equally outrageous that was intentionally and maliciously reported by the media about this incident.


 The VT gunman destroyed his hard drive as well. What were they hiding?


There has been an appreciable amount of skepticism directed at this guy... some think it was rather creepy, the way he injected himself into this. 

Wasn't there something similar after Jared Loughner went berserk? Some strange publicity-hound sort of guy who claimed to be one of the wounded? 

Yep, I can't recall his name, but they even locked the guy up briefly for a psyche evaluation or something like that. The way these events bring the crazies out of the woodwork, it's hard to know how far to trust this fellow. 


Not only that, his ‘performance’ did not pass the gut check. I was horrified that people were saying this, but after researching all the ‘twins’ of relatives who are crisis actors and in the SAME FAMILY (for instance, the brother of Vicki Soto is identical to a nephew of the twin couple of Nick and Laura Phelps.

Check out this video if you dare...


I think Rosen is a byproduct of a feminized America. I know that Lanza murdered 20 kids. And I know that Obama and his merry band of fascists will exploit those deaths to advance their fascist ways. None of this or your video justifies harassing a weak man with a flair for the dramatic. But thats just me.


My question did he save these six children unless shooting was taking place outside of the school? They may have been running, but the official narrative of the moment says that no one was chasing the children. Hence, he did not save them by inviting them into his house. (Pregnant pause to consider this man inviting anybody else’s children into his house.) And his on-camera delivery could use more polishing. Definitely not ready for prime-time.


I’m not recommending he be harassed, nor am I willing to endorse the idea that this was a false flag operation, but watching Rosen’s “performance” I can’t help but think something is off-kilter.
He comes across as a drama queen who loves attention and wants to make it all about him. That’s more than a little creepy.

His story doesn’t make sense. Things don’t add up.

His “lines” sound rehearsed. I suppose after he’s told the story multiple times it isn’t surprising that he would use similar phrases, but watching multiple “performances” by him really makes the lines sound rehearsed. Also, I’d expect some modification in his delivery after a while, but with each retelling he had the same overwrought forced weepiness.

I think what strikes me the most is that I would expect some other emotions. If I’d just saved 6 kids lives (not sure that he did, but that’s what people are claiming) from a horrific murder, I would first be shocked, then I’d be angry about the murders of the other children, and then I would be joyful about the 6 I’d saved, and at some point I would probably feel proud that I’d been able to help. None of that from him. Just drama queen weepiness.

I’m not an actor, but I suspect that if I were supposed to act like I was crying over and over for the media, it would come out looking like Rosen. Kind of a fake sounding sad voice, but unable to produce actual tears.

Not saying he’s an actor and this is fake, but I am saying that his “performance” doesn’t ring true.


"I have seen numerous postings on this site — the last one read a few minutes ago — by Freepers who are woefully lacking in the facts of this incident.."

What facts, they keep changing.

The only "facts" that are out their are what is spoon fed by the lying media. If you want to take their word for it that's on you. 

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  1. "The VT gunman destroyed his hard drive as well. What were they hiding?"

    Porn. Lots and lots of porn.