Friday, January 25, 2013

Is Obama biblical ‘Lord of the Flies?’ Prophesy sites have field day with president’s insect moments

Basically, a fly landed on Obama during a speech or something. I couldn't get through the article, so I'm not going to bother linking to it.

Watching Obama is like watching The Omen in real life. 

God preserve us! 


Seeing that fly on his face reminds me of the old Sally Struthers cause in Kenya to “help the children”. Just dress him in a loin cloth and put him in a hut. Perhaps his birthhut is still standing.


Next thing you know he’ll replace Bo with those dogs (Rottweilers I think) always used to signify the guy is a devil in horror flicks.


Flies know a pile of excrement.

And they know the really smelly putrid piles.


Remember the reports about how badly his campaign plane stunk? How overwhelming the odor was? And no one knew why.


He seems to sweat a lot, judging by the photos, so maybe he naturally smells bad in some way that attracts flies. But the thing that interests me is that they’re always the huge flies that usually hang out around manure or corpses and generally aren’t even found inside of buildings.

Do they follow him? Are they breeding in his clothing?


I have to wonder if some ingredient in his incense that is used in his mutliple daily prayer sessions is a fly attractant...

Either that or Cheney “Shrimped” the whitehouse on his way out, heh heh....


When the fly persisted, he killed the insect with a single blow.

Seriously? That deserves to be said? My (now) 9 year old killed a fly at the age of 5 with a single blow. Is that impressive? Sure is - because she just sat there watching it fly around, and snatched it out of the air, bare handed. Very “Karate Kid”-esque, in fact.


  1. That deserves to be said? Let me tell you about another story involving my kid that is also useless but definitely deserves to be said.

    1. Today as we where driving, Caidyn goes “mommy, look at all this traffic around here. What are we going to do with this traffic?” I said well we have to wait for the cars to pass so we can turn. And he goes “ok mommy. Green means go and red means stop. Do you know where your going mommy?” The conversations I have with him are just priceless.Let's see Fartbama do that!

  2. Que the wtfamireading.jpg. The Ronald McDonald one.