Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Double your pleasure!

Good news, everyone! I recently discovered that the blogger VikingKitties has a site where s/he documents absurd quotes from FreeRepublic. In fact, VK has been doing this much longer than me. You should definitely peruse the archives!

I salute you, comrade. Keep fighting the good fight!


  1. Never commented before, but just wanted to give you a quick thank you for doing what most of us are afraid to. Visit this blog pretty frequently and always get a good laugh out of the freeper derp.

  2. Request spot: Obama refers his own Health Care reforms to the Supreme Court. Would love to see the herp and the derp on that one...

  3. Hey, good to see someone as absurdly fascinated with Freepers as I am.

    Loved you on FARK, BTW!

  4. Cracked also has a forum post about Free Republic that is strong: