Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy 15th Anniversary! Established September 23, 1996

Just a short one.

Thanks, John and the mods for all you do!

And thanks to all the FReepers who over the years have kept Free Republic the liveliest, most informative and fun place on the Web!

And a special thanks to all those who have donated to keep Free Republic online. Woo hoo!


I remember being on another forum and one of the regular posters popping in and talking about some place named Free Republic that had just went on line the day before. So I checked it out, saw all the anti-Clinton stuff and thought ‘awesome’.

Can’t believe it’s been 15 years.


Fondest memory: the site crashed due to heavy traffic the weekend Drudge broke the Lewinsky story.

The Sore / Loserman wars.

The Great Schism -

The Clinton Trial


It is my absolute conviction that IF we manage to save this great republic it will, in no small measure, be due to the existence of and all the GREAT folks brought together by this great forum that YOU put in place Jim Robinson!


Happy Birthday to the BEST place to be on the internet if you are a conservative, God-loving gun toting Patriot.

Thank you for making it possible for our voices to be heard!


Seems just like yesterday we showed up 5000 strong and helped impeach a worthless scumbag...

If only we had been so organized in the early 60's when there was still a chance to stop this slide into abject tyranny...

God bless Jim. Certainly God has blessed those Americans who still believe in a Constitutional Republic by giving us Jim...


I firmly believe that if had not existed during the recount in 2000 Al Gore would have been declared the winner.


  1. Any thread about SNL's take on the Republican debates?

  2. These people are so damn full of themselves it's unbelievable.