Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Marines: "We're Gay Get Over It"

Article: It's just linked to this Mother Jones picture (which hilariously has a GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING), but basically, it's the Corps Marines Times headline for an upcoming article on gay Marines and specifically the recent Birthday Ball.

wow - don't think I can serve this country ever again ...


Just what we need, flamboyant men defending our country....What would happen if a bunch of heterosexual people in the military said NO? How could you feel safe with a queer watching your back in combat? LITERALLY WATCHING YOUR BACKSIDE.

-- As I often do when something is just too hilarious, I went the extra step and researched this user and I really don't think it is a troll.


My company promotes this crap and we’ve even got cross dressers at work - I’m sorry, it creeps me out when you hear high heals in the men’s room ...


my limosine liberal obamaniac former Marine brother would be so proud .....

sometimes,I 'm glad Mom and Dad are in the best see what is going on, would be so painful for them...


Will the next GOP President be able to, successfully, “fix” this mess? That’s the definitive question to ask about this issue.


Towel Parties, things like that will utterly deter gays from telling anyone they are gay. I don’t care if you’re gay, I don’t want to hear it, and I definitely don’t want homosexuals openly serving in the military, I could never trust someone that wears their sexuality on their shoulder.


You can’t feel safe...that is the point....destroys our military from within because people who practice homosexual acts can never be moral people. They demean their bodies, mock men and mock God. They are pagan narcissists and idolaters. You can not build trust with seif-absorbed homosexuals...they have one priority.

Bambi has to ruin the military so the US will never be able to recover when he is booted. Homosexuals can’t control their urges-—and they like boys and young men—it is why the priesthood became corrupt....when they allowed homosexuals into the order because the APA said to treat them as normal. It is why the boy scouts is being sued—homosexuals get in and they molest hundreds of boys.

Our military will be no different than the pagan Russians or the occultish homosexual Nazis==who would kill their own citizens. They did not have Christian morals which is why our military was superior to all others. Christian ethics.....nothing else works, except Judaism.

Read the bottom-—it is true....I studied this topic.


Homosexuals are desperate for something they can never have - normalcy. No matter what is taught in school, reality creeps in.


A Marine recruter just told me he is receiving briefings on this already

It took a generation, about the 1980’s, that I remember, people were making homosexuality appear normal, it is no wonder so many adults say it is no big deal

maybe earlier, how about Paul lynde in holywood squares?

how about that wierdo on Laugh in?

How about LEE MARVIN being in favor of gay rights in hollywood?? (Gosh, there’s a sad reality, a genuine Marine WWI Vet turned actor who promoted sodomy...)

So, the brainwashing took a full gneration, and our kids all ehard us say, “NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT...”

and it should come as no surprise we see this now.

In one generation, it will be mandatory to have at least one homosexual encounter before graduation of high school, for the children


I hate queer faggots. Want to sick the politically correct "hate" police on me? Wouldn't be difficult. Just check with my ISP. But guess what faggots? Political correctness is getting old and boring and turning middle America off and against you. Frig you and your stupid GAY parades.

What? You think you're cool 'cause you march down a street in feathers and leathers? Other than your own brut-buddies, most think you look like a-holes and all news commentators are LAUGHING at you in every year's reports.
Lock this into your over-sized ego brainpan: Everyone who watches the news reports are cracking up in their living rooms thinking what fools you are. But then, you're probably SO screwed up that you don't even care and will keep swishing around in your silly costumes.

Keep working it, girl (hand swish). You're pissing off more and more for being in our face. Most don't care about your sexual leanings behind closed doors, but now you are going too far by pushing your "crap", yes I meant that innuendo, in our face and on our last bastion of honor, the US Military.

First, you wanted us to understand. Then you wanted us to tolerate. Then you wanted us to believe your cause. Now you want us to accept you without reservation? You all are out of your frigging minds and should go back in the closet.

Yes, I said that. Go back in the closet and shut the hell up. I'm sick of seeing you degenerates on so many TV shows. There are not that many of you for Hollywood to justify you being everywhere in their inane shows. So get the frig off my TV set. And yes, I tune you out every chance I get.

Here's an example of a TV show that took your perversion to the lowest level. It's called, "The Big C". There was a love affair between two teenage boys that was a big side story to the show. Other than that, it is a good show about a woman facing death by cancer. But no, that wasn't enough. Hollywoody had to include some teenage gay nonsense.

Notice, that the producer/writers wrote out the teen boy love affair? And now the boy is in love with a girl. How sad for you faggots. He actually turned hetero.

Last thought, queers. I actually believe you are born with the wrong wiring in your brain-pan that makes you want men and not LOVE the feel of a woman. Still, why do you need to broadcast your bad wiring? I'm okay if you're okay with your different synopsis connections, but why must you push your strange connections on us?

We don't accept schizophrenia or bi-polar or sociopaths or psychopaths or multi-personalities or even autism as normal. We try to help and deal with their illnesses/different wiring. None of them try to push their different neural connections on the rest of society.

Screw up my Navy/Marines and I swear I will be back out on the streets protesting you and your brut-buddies like I use to about political issues. And yes, you get to target me as being intolerant. Go find another f*cking job, faggot. Try Starbucks.


Our military will be no different than the pagan Russians or the occultish homosexual Nazis==who would kill their own citizens. They did not have Christian morals which is why our military was superior to all others. Christian ethics.....nothing else works, except Judaism.


The Marines will find a positive way to handle this just as the Navy did when I was in.

Whenever there was a fag (yes, we had them and yes, we knew who they were) that got out of line, the next morning there would be a shipwide search for them. The usual assumption was that if not found, then he must have stolen more anchor chain than he could swim with. It happened more than once.


  1. Wow, self-loathing gays are a really sad bunch.

  2. Wow. So much hate.

    And I ask - what would Jesus do? After all, he hung around with LOADS of men...

  3. Is that last commenter on the list confessing to murder?

  4. Holy crap, Anon, I think you're right. This makes me want to actually get a FR account and verify. What the fuck.

  5. Well, fuck, I just checked and it was deleted from the original post.

    So, to answer your question, almost definitely, and the mods of FreeRepublic also agree with us.