Friday, September 30, 2011

Islamist cleric Anwar Awlaki 'killed in Yemen'

Summary: "The US-born radical Islamist cleric and suspected al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki has been killed in Yemen, the country's defence ministry has said."

remember Fort Hood ....

Hey! payback is a bitch ain’t it Anwar

Rot in Hell you POS . May dogs lick up your blood and guts


His father was a Fulbright scholar. He conducted a prayer service for muslims in the US Capitol in 2002. He was convicted twice for soliciting prostitutes. He got a $20000. scholarship under a false SS number. Killing him is only the beginning of the solution to our homeland problems. His family should be so honorably killed. Wilipedia is a very interesting read.


It better not come out that he was killed by the US or Obama is in a world of trouble


Oh, PLEEEEEEEEASE let this be confirmed!!!!!
You’ll be able to hear my “WOOHOO!!!!!” for miles. LOL!


Well, there are millions ready willing and able to take his place, so I don’t think this is much of a win.

He was in Yemen - the invasion force we have here inside our borders is what we should be working on repelling but we do nothing.



"His father was a Fulbright scholar. He conducted a prayer service for muslims in the US Capitol in 2002. He was convicted twice for soliciting prostitutes. He got a $20000. scholarship under a false SS number."

I wonder if liberals are still clinging to their belief that poverty breeds terrorists.


Another Muzzie A-Hole wins a Darwin Award!


"In a video posted to the internet in November 2010, al-Awlaki called for Muslims around the world to kill Americans “without hesitation”, and overthrow Arab leaders."

Funny how that preceded the "arab spring."


“if they could just find Adam Gadan”

This is the guy whose fate I’m most interested in following, if not having a say in. Right up there with Loughner, even though Loughner seems to be just a lone nut white punk on dope.

I still object to using the term “home-grown terrorist”. We don’t produce these people as though a natural by-product of our society, they have voluntarily transcended boundaries which help to define what it means to be a home-grown American hero or just an average US citizen. They are Jihadi-grown. They’re al Qaeda-grown. They’re not (US) home grown.


The going cost of the last “gutsy decision” was 25 SEALs.

Hussein won’t hesitate to pay it again to appease his terrorist buddies.


"Brace yourselves for a new round of Obama adulation in the press. Another “gutsy decision” by our president to waste an Islamic dirtbag. Bringing the drone operators to the White House for brewskis."

Can't be helped when Obama continues those Bush/Cheney policies ... he's bound to do something right.


I am not sure i believe this. I mean here we have an islamic favoring president desperately needing a boost in the polls and we have an islamic terrorist needing to disappear and take the heat off himself. No pictures and no proof to the public for confirmation. Sound familiar?


I am thinking more along the lines of he took out a US citizen, denied him his Rights to a trial for treason.


I am thinking this is a bad precedent. Not disagreeing at all that this guy should have gotten the death penalty.

But...I’d be very wary of who and how the DHS classifies ‘terrorists’ and while this is a foreign precedent ...I don’t trust this administration.


So far, we've been TOLD Osoma and this guy are dead. We were also told Oboma was a Constitutional scholar, but there's no proof of any of it. Oboma isn't known for being the most trustworthy - especially when his poll numbers are at rock bottom. (He needs to create a new "image.")

I think we should see the body and DNA reports this time. Just to be safe. If it's him, that's good (except for the killing a U.S. citizen thing, which will come back to haunt us someday).


Why do we refer to these people by their terrorist names? It only feeds in to their madness.


A: (regarding the lack of a trial) "It’s war, no holds barred. Kill the bastards before they kill more of us. How is that so hard to understand?"

B: "Well then God Bless 0bama for changing the military Rule of Engagement and disregarding the Conventions and Rule of Law.

0bama is our savior and hero to the nation. And a much better war President that GWB ever was."

A: "??? Don't be ridiculous. It is not some general endorsement of Obozo to say he got something right. If Pres. Bush were still POTUS, or indeed for any POTUS ever, I'd hope they would give this order in these specific circumstances.

When you can't argue you resort to silly sarcasm. Interesting.... "

B: "Well...

Clinton knew where Osama was....what did he do?

Bush knew where Osama was and he did what?

I find it odd that little skinny 0bama is doing what previous administrations failed to do. Sarcasm yes. Silly?

If you check through my posts, you will see I don’t often disagree with the take no prisoners in the war of terror. In fact I often have ranted about the ROE we are supposed to be operating under.

But it does concern me that 0bama is throwing around this much brutal power. It concerns me as his people consider many groups “terrorists,” and just encourage good strong consideration as to how they hold the Rights of citizens.

When I joined FR I was often told it can’t happen here...well a lot the can’t happen happening here. I don’t necessarily discount a person’s citizenship and their Rights."


Hopefull, the Obozo administration and their MSM puppets will not release the names and home addresses of our people, who put down this pos.

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  1. These people clearly do not understand the concept behind the Darwin Awards...