Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Navy officer weds partner as gay ban ends

Article from CBS

Summary: "When Navy Lt. Gary Ross and his partner were searching for a place to get married, they settled on a site in Vermont, in part because the state is in the Eastern time zone.

That way, the two men were able to recite their vows before family and friends at the first possible moment after the formal repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Just after midnight Tuesday, the partners of 11 years were married."

I cannot comment on the article for fear of getting banned from this forum for life.

--- The ironic thing is that this could mean he intended to make a death threat, or that he intended to congratulate them.


""It requires you to lie several times a day," Ross said of the old system. "Being in the military is extremely invasive. It becomes a web of excuses you make when you try to be as honest as possible but you can't be honest.""

He's right. This IS why DADT was a terrible idea. We should go to pre-DADT policy and BAN ALL HOMOSEXUALS. That would make military life much easier.


What this administration has done to our military is beyond disgusting.


"The question is, can it possibly be undone?"

I was wondering that too. I don't know the answer to that, but I would assume it could be done. If all the Republican candidates are saying they can do away with something so complex as Obamacare, I would think they could reverse this. Deserves some web surfing.


How in the hell could either of those two possibly pass a drug test?


Expect more and greater disasters to hit the U.S.


"We" told God to buzz off.

"We" decided that killing babies is a constitutional right.

"We" spent years propagandizing for diseased faggots on movies and television.

Now "we" are shocked to see a picture of three diseased-looking queers, one in a Naval Officer's uniform, pretending to have a wedding?

I'm not shocked.

Scandalized and disgusted, but not shocked. It was predictable.

This will end badly, and lots of "innocent" folks will die, because of this.


"I’m 72 and amazed.
Just never thought I would see this country go this low."

You have three decades on me but I feel the same. It’s happening faster each year. Things I never would have considered even 10 years ago are common today.

As someone else stated above..... there are societal consequences and the price we will pay eventually continues to grow.


What I don't like is the headline: "Navy officer weds partner as gay ban ends"

That is purely discusting.

Instead of saluting I would give them the middle finger and get thrown out.
If they want to do it on their own that is their business. But now they are flaunting it.


How can the medical profession, condone those who substitute the anal cavity (with its HIV & ecoli germs) for a female’s vagina? How many servicemen need the rectum surgery?


They did not marry each other.

They entered into a legally constructed partnership defined by a state government, which has defined the terms of a specific marriage for the sole purpose of advancing special class rights above the rights of all others.

A marriage is the union of a man and woman. It is universally accepted and longed for between men and women and parent for their progeny.

There are no parents who don’t cry upon learning their child is gay as their family tree has just ended and they realize there will be no grandchildren for them to fuss over or spoil.


Next they will be legally marrying animals and (then) having live sex with them on their "altars" after the civil or legal ceremonies. Don't laugh. If this can come (sorry, no pun intend), than anything can transpire.

All bets are OFF.

Unfathomable by any of the Founding Fathers, the greats like General Eisenhower or Patton or LeMay.


THIS is Obama’s legacy and comdemns his sorry soul to the fires of hell. He and his fellow dimocrats who hate the Lord Jesus Christ will burn in eternal fires of the Lake of Fire for all time. Their time is coming. Of that I am sure. GOD will deal with them. THAT I AM SURE!


Which one will be the wife? Or do they take turns?


"Gays are now openly serving in the military and I can’t see how it can be changed now."

Executive Order. Good order and discipline in the Armed Forces of the United States, of which the President is Commander in Chief and the solitary authority.

If he wants them out, they're out, no arguments. He could defy the Supreme Court if it came to it, and simply declare the matter to be under his sole jurisdiction IAW Article II of the Constitution.


I predict another Civil War. I also predict the New Confederate Army will not be homosexualized.


The longer it stays in effect, the harder it will be to undo it. More so because there will be no visible negative effect, whatever there will be, is going to be hard to prove as a cause-effect relationship.


>>>What this administration has done to our military is beyond disgusting.<<<

And this muslim-in-cheif didn’t even offer those that volunteered (which is everyone) for service under a DADT policy the option to get out now that he changed the rules on them.


What color dress did the bride wear, and how many children are the couple plan on having—— oh wait two guys married, never mind.


  1. The longer it stays in effect, the harder it will be to undo it. More so because there will be no visible negative effect, whatever there will be, is going to be hard to prove as a cause-effect relationship.

    I have frequently suggested that repeal of certain expansions of liberty -- such as same-sex marriage, "shall-issue" based concealed weapons permits and enabling openly homosexual individuals to serve in military units -- becomes more difficult over time after implementation due to a lack of any demonstrable negative consequence resulting from that expansion. I have also speculated that an increase in rhetoric from opponents of such expansion are a consequence of the realisation that their position lacks any intellectual merit; their opposition then becomes an attempt to disguise their error and to avoid exposure of their dishonesty.

    Never before, however, have I observed an actual opponent of such an expansion of liberty conceding this lack of demonstrable consequence. Such an open admission lends credence to my speculation of motive.

  2. So obsessed with buttsecks. Don't they know that oral is all the rage?