Sunday, September 18, 2011

Japanese pilot who led Pearl Harbor WWII attack became US citizen

Summary: "This man [ Mitsuo Fuchida ] who led the first wave of airplane attacks on Pearl Harbor during the Second World War was honored with United States citizenship in 1966. His attack caused the deaths of 2500 Americans the morning of December 7, 1941."

I still cannot believe that the US government honored this Japanese pilot who caused the deaths of 2500 Americans with US citizenship. It is no wonder our immigration policy is in shambles. Next thing you will know is that Obama will sign an executive order to give the family of the dead 9-11 terrorists retroactive social security benefits. You laugh but our immigration policy is so ridiculous now that this would not surprise me. Or maybe the family of the 9-11 terrorisat will sue the airlines for not having better security thus causing the deaths of the terrorists. We live in madness.


The past is the past. We have to move on. The USA was right in granting him citizenship. After all, he converted to Christianity.


We elected a muslim after 9-11...our government has been infested with commies since the ‘20’s...what other result could one expect.


I don’t see what the big deal is. He was a legal naval combatant fighting for his country at the time. If you read the wiki article, it goes on to state how he came to reject the bushido code he believed in as a Japanese citizen, converted to Christianity and came to respect and believe in American values of the country he eventually adopted as his own...


I agree that our immigration policy is messed up and we shouldn’t have let this guy in. But, not because he killed Americans in a war. He was a Soldier doing his job.


Well I am stuck on the idea that he spearheaded the killing of 2500 Americans.

Why did we pursue German soldiers for war crimes? We should have forgiven them too after all they were doing their jobs.

Come to think of it, I don’t recall the Japanese showering the Americans who dropped the nuclear bombs in Japan with Japanese citizenship. They too were doing their jobs.

while we are at it, what is the big deal with building a Mosque at ground zero. Those wanting to build the mosque had nothing to do with 9-11.


God may forgive him, but I won’t.


I guess my point is that no one should be rewarded with US citizenship when they killed Americans on that scale. This is ridiculous.

The message I get from this is that the more you crap all over America even by killing thousands of Americans the more we will reward you. I live in Arizona and let me tell you that out southern border is a blood bath with roughly 10,000 killed every year. Some illegals come over the border go on crime or killing sprees and then go back or are caught and sent back only to start again.

Now we have an immigration policy that seeks to give those killing Americans citizenship. There is such poor database enforcement that police have no idea who the bad guys are.

The point I got from this article is that whether it was 50 years ago where this Japanese guy helped kill 2500 Americans or now where narco terorrists regularly kill Americans, it seems that US citizenship does not stand for much these days.


This guy claimed to have led Pearl Harbor, as well as many other sneak attacks across the Pacific. Been at the Battle of Midway, one of the few Japanese pilots who escaped with his life. Been at Hiroshima & attend the Japanese surrender on the USS MO. Oh & he was a witness at the Japanese war crimes tribunals.

Either this guy is the Japanese Forest Gump, or he is an abject Liar.

If he was such a believer in the Bushido code then why wasn’t he one of the kamikaze pilots towards the end of the war? Why did he sit by & watch 15-16 year old boys with little to no flight time enter the cockpits on their suicide missions?

In my opinion this guy was a coward, fake & fraud. We don’t need trash like him dis-honoring our country.


“The past is the past. We have to move on. The USA was right in granting him citizenship. After all, he converted to Christianity.”

so did Obama. :/


Jacob DeShazer was a Doolittle bombardier. He was captured and imprisoned by the Japanese. HE could accept Fuchida as a friend and a brother in Christ.

If Jesus and a Doolittle raider can get over it, maybe you should too. Or point us to the Bible verse where Jesus said to never accept apologies, never forgive, and always throw the first stone. Fuchida wasn’t a member of a Mexican drug gang. And he wasn’t some homo NAZI who had the goal of killing all the civilians he could.


It’s been ten years since 9-11. It would not surprise me if in 15 years the government announces that it is time to forgive the terrorists. After all they were following orders and they were poor and useful idiots; therefore, we should pay them reparations, maybe give their relatives social security, and apologize for making them attack us.

The government wnats to grant loans to build mosques. We are not that too far away. Thinkgs are so upside down that doen in the right way the more Americans you kill the more government goodies you get.


I come from a family who lived under Nazi occupation for over four years in France.

My grandad was in the resistance.

My uncle was in a concentration camp. He was 6’ 2” and disappeared one day during the occupation. He came back after the war weighing 55kg. He died a few years later. He had been abducted by the Germans and hauled off to a work camp. His name was Tony.

My dad lived on a farm in France. One day a German garrison came to take all the livestaock, butter, blood sausage, salami to feed the soldiers. His dad said they did not have any because they had hidden everything. The garrison proceeded to machine gun the farm house with heavy guns until there was rubble left of the farm house. He said it lasted well into the night and early morning. He was about 10 years old. If you know anything about that construction it is solid two foot thick rock wall construction. Five family members were buried alive because the Germans forced them to stay insde the farm house as they were pulverizing it.

This was very, very common during the war. Soldiers acting out like this becasue of those precious orders.

They were all doing their duty as soldiers according to the definitions on this blog. Nothing ever happened to them.

If you ever suggested to my family that these soldiers should be rewarded with French citizenship because well they were sorry and found god, I can tell you they would never have agreed to it. this would have been unimaginable.

You simply do not reward people for mass killings like this regradless of the circumstances. This is madness.


Many are willing to look the other way when someone kills thousands of people as long as it is done in the name of war and for the right reasons.

I am not. You do not honor people who have killed thousands with US citizenship regradless of the reason.

Many on this blog are willing to accept individuals as US citizens who have killed thousands if they had the right reasons like being in a war.

This Fuchida guy was a known quantity. As a society we should draw the line. Mass killers whether with good reason or not should not be honored.


"Again, this guy spearheaded the killing of 2500 Americans. That is what I am stuck on. No one should be rewarded for that regardless of how sorry they are. This was not done by mistake. It was intentional."

Thank God you aren't Jesus.


So you must have a hard time dealing with everyone from the southern US.


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