Tuesday, September 27, 2011

’Ground Zero mosque’ opens quietly

Summary: An Islamic cultural centre close to the site where New York's World Trade Center once stood has opened quietly in spite of scenes last year of vehement protests from those who said the area should not house a mosque.

Let’s see if they permit Jewish meetings to be held there .....


Obama is moving towards his ultimate goal of shariah for every American!


Thanks a lot Bloomie. May you and the Kenyan get everything that’s coming to you. Both now and in the afterlife.


"opening its doors to New Yorkers of all backgrounds for interfaith workshops, films and lectures [praising Islamism]"

Interfaith.. that's Islamists (political Islam, sharia law advocates) talk for, "let us teach you about Islam, we don't care one whit about your inalienable rights, social contract, constitution.. none of that stuff matter to us."


Obama isn’t anything, he just pretends everything.

He is not Christian, he is not Muslim, he is not American, he is not African, he is not Hawaiian, he is not Chicagoan, he is not white, he is not black, he is educated, he is ignorant—on and on.

Obama is an empty fraud. He is what ever your imagination wants to pin to him. That is how he has gotten by in life...being nothing in particular.


Can’t somebody park a wood chipper in front of the site, and run a bunch of pigs through it?


I was thinking a BBQ...Roasted Pig...etc etc etc...

Overall I’m just amazed that no one ever, in this entire process ever said that this might not be a good idea...

And why, with all the events leading up to the ten year anniversary of 9/11 did any of the families of any of the victims of this murder spree, ever get reported to walk by this facility and voice their dissaproval...

They were being interviewed for every other damn thing in the days leading up to the opening of the Ground Zero Memorial...Commenting on a lot of things, and not one mention of this abomination...


Wow! That is almost as bad as electing a Muslim for president 7 years after 911.


“I wonder how many events of arson will befall that location.”

I will hope many, many, and more many.

I'm hoping that FDNY is "unexpectedly" busy that day.


What is ANYONE supposed to think of a country that lets the same brand of murderers who pulled off 9-11 to build a monument to their hateful beliefs on the site?

What is ANYONE supposed to think of government that (literally) approves such a building in a midnight meeting of the building board?

What is ANYONE supposed to think when such government officials and their supporters GET RE-ELECTED????

What is ANYONE supposed to think when a Christian church at the 9-11 site and destroyed by the actions that terrible day can't get building permits from the same board that midnighted the Ground Zero mosque?

Like it or not, deny it or not, our government is just a reflection of the people it represents.

So what is ANYONE supposed to think when they see said government sneering, flipping the little people the bird and talking down to the very people it represents?

The world is watching - anyone want to guess what al Queda thinks when they see the Ground Zero mosque?


Rubbing Salt in an Open Wound.

The muzzies deserve everything that is coming to them.


  1. 1. They do allow Jewish meetings. And Christian. And Buddhist. And, of course, Muslim. Hence "interfaith."

    2. How DARE the Muslims try to teach people about Islam inside a Muslim place of worship! That's taking away my freedom! Lord knows that Christian churches don't try to teach me about Christianity when I enter their premises.

  2. Don't they realize this was just another distraction drummed up during election season? Don't they realize that their leaders stopped giving a shit once they won the House? You'd think after this process repeated itself this many times, they'd catch on.

  3. They're far too stupid to realize all the hubbub in 2010 was a distraction and campaign tactic. These people have been trained like dogs to be stuck in a permanent state of self-righteous moral outrage.