Thursday, September 15, 2011

Texas restaurant gives Muslim patron 'Happy September 11th' message

Article: From the Daily Mail

Summary: Muslim guy and his buddy go to watch a game at their local bar in Texas. Halfway through the game, they decide to watch the rest at home so he orders a burger. The bartender delivers it in a container with the words "HAPPY SEPT. 11" written on it, with a plane flying towards the 11. The bartender and manager continue to be rude about it, and the customer goes home and writes a Yelp! review.

Muslims are some world-class whiners.


"How did they peg the chap as a Moose? Arab Christians and atheists look the same. And no serious Moose would be eating non halal hamburgers. Whatever was intended, the execution was wanting."

probably by the suicide vest.


"How did they peg the chap as a Moose?"

Must have been wearing that Blue Turban .... ROFLMAO ... I find this story to be one of the funniest things I've ever read.


I wonder if there was not an Muslim working in the kitchen who drew that because he was in fact happy about commemorating in his view a great successful strike at the Great Satan? If you are looking for anti-Islamist imagery, why would you think a drawing of one their to their minds greatest success would do it?

So the more I think of it, I suspect this was to be a little inside joke from one Muslim to another.


they can only survive in packs. When’s the last time you saw or heard of a muslim man and his family alone, cut off from any clan trying to make their own American Dream?

Never have, and never will. They’re a virus that is finding
amazing good luck and opportunity with their new enabling host, Christendom.


The punk was probably in there shooting his mouth off
about how Israel was behind 911. And all the “to watch the
Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants game” and “working near the
World Trade Center on 911” and the spiel about the loss
of 3000 people were just lies in an attempt to boost his
status as victim. Their religion is a cult of death yet
their defense is always as the victims.
Mr Ghalayani, you lie, it’s in your religion to do so.


As we say in Jersey, “fu*k em if they can’t take a joke”


Poor guy, what a trauma.

Member of the Church of the Perpetually offended.


Isn’t this sort of like tailoring a holiday message to someone’s religion, like saying “merry Christmas” to a Christian or “happy Hanukkah” to a Jew?

Since 9/11 was a day of joy and celebration for Moslems, why would “happy September 11th” be considered an insult?

On the flip side:

Unless he personally did something wrong which is not in the story, then the guy was right to complain.


I'm thinking that Mr. Ghalayani showed a hell of a lot more class than the dumb-shits in the bar.


This customer was a guy watching “America’s Team” play football while he drank beer with a friend. He’d been there before and spoke highly of the place even after being insulted. He was not some rag head burning our flag or looking for trouble.

I would have a beer with this Muslim fellow (and perhaps debate football and religion) before I’d sit down with some of the so-call FREE Republic folk here.

For crying out loud, the Muslim guy was the one talking about respect for 9/11 victims and what a tragedy were the events of that day. I don’t agree with his faith, but he sounds like a fine American.


It sounds like he was just minding his own business, enjoying a football game and ordering something to eat. He didn’t deserve to be singled out and insulted like that. I’m glad he held the restaurant accountable.


  1. You included two comments from Freepers who aren't monsters. How did the rest of FR respond to "this guy was just trying to have a meal, the restaurant was wrong"?

  2. I included 4, since the comments were pretty evenly split between the two views.

    No one who disagreed actually replied to these guys.

  3. Is everyone who disagreed with the general tone of the thread banned from Freep already?

  4. "He was not some rag head burning our flag or looking for trouble."

    Ah, Freeper compliments.

  5. Projectionism: Exhibit A.

    Aside from that, It's good to see that some Freeperfolk actually read the damn story, and based their judgements on what happened, rather than the man's religion.

  6. When you consider the echo chamber/group-think nature of online forums, particularly one such as FR, I give "bonus points" to the more reasonable people who post minority opinions knowing they'll get chewed out.

    /hopeless optimist