Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BREAKING: all 100 senators have been called into intel meeting on Iran assassination plot.

NOTE: I am not a news site. Someone on FR got this information from Twitter.

Anyway, here are the comments:

Dumb0's not really going to wag that dog, is he? IHRTS? IA?


I’ve heard others say that what Iran did constitutes an ‘act of war’ you think it’s within the realm of possibility that Barry the Boob is actually gonna DO something about that? I mean...recalling ALL the Senate is not something I’ve ever heard of.


Peace prize winner to declare war on Iran?


“Way too early [in the election] to play the war card. Isn’t it?”

He already played the “I got Bin Ladin...honest!” card.


“Do you think it’s within the realm of possibility that Barry the Boob is actually gonna DO something about that?”

Do not underestimate Barry the Boob, especially when he’s in desperation mode.

WWAD? (What Would Alinsky Do?)

Holy KRAP!!!!!

--- Okay, for the record, most of FR has been clamoring for a war with Iran for YEARS. So I love this sudden turnaround where it's something to be concerned about.


Obama’s reelection plan:

Riot’s in our cities and war with Iran. I see food shortages in our future.


“O - ba - mah” means

“He is with us” in Farsi.

....shaking head in disbelief that this guy was actually elected ....

...shaking head in disbelief ALSO that McCain was the Pubbie nominee.....


Barry thinks he is King....Why does he need the Senate? He got Bin Laden...Why isn’t he putting on his combat boots loading up his M-16 and heading for Tehran?? LOL


Notice that Hussein wasn’t on the hit list? There is not another person on this planet that Iran would not want in the Oval Office than Mr. Apology.


Oxymoronic to have an intelligence meeting with 100 Senators.

--- Okay, 1 for you, Freeper.


The smart thing to do would be to tell Israel that we won’t stand in the way or condemn them for a strike in Iran.

Unfortunately we’re talking about the world’s dumbest democrat administration.


If its between Saudi Arabia and Iran, where does Putin side? Will the Chinese want to show they are a super power now and send an Army too?

What happens if both sides build up and then all the Islamics make peace and send their troops after Israel instead? Will the rest of the world find a reason, or manufacture one, to join in?


act of war maybe, but since they wanted to kill a Saudi it wasn’t an act of war against us.


,I sincerely hope the Marxist Moonbeam from Mombasa ...having screwed the pooch is not about to wag the dog, wave the bloody shirt, or cry "Havoc!" and let loose the Dogs of War.
Obama, Our War Time President! Boy that's a thrill down the leg!

(1) Iran is bigger than Western Europe. That's really big. Just finding the targets we don't know about is going to be tough. If they are hardened or underground, it will take a while

(2) Anyone thinking that air strikes, even NUCLEAR airstrikes are going to put them out of business in a few days is delusional.

(3) If on day 1 of the Iranian War we succeed in taking out 95% of their missile and nuclear capability, the 5% left for Day 2 will be falling on Tel Aviv.

(4) If every ally we have puts every plane it has into the effort, the war will continue as the Arabs, even though no friends of the Persians, will unify to help their fellow Muhammedans ... or at least enough of them will to cause us serious problems everywhere from Toledo to Tashkent.

War with the Worthy Oriental Gentlemen of Iran? Not the best of ideas, but a great distractional talking point as Holder's "Fast and Furious" heats up.


Freepers are a lot more plugged in than the general population. We all know about the assassination attempt and various reactions to it because we track such things. If you set people who are news junkies aside, this is a fairly obscure event. If we went to war or did some lesser type of dog-wagging, the majority of the population would be saying huh?! If Great Leader is going to wag the dog over this it is a miscalculation on his part. It is not going to play well with an already grouchy citizenry. I'm thinking loud saber rattling to, as others have opined, take the Fast & Furious and the mismanagment of government freebies (Solyandra et. al) from the front page.

That said, if Great Leader sent a team or a drone or a Warthog to take out Imadinnerjacket, that would be fine by me. The impact in the middle east, oil prices, and the safety of Israel are high prices to pay for scandal white-out. Then again, this is Great Leader we're talking about


If Fast and Furious is bigger than Watergate, a war might be the plan. Didn’t Clinton bomb an aspirin factory to draw attention away from Monica?


I don’t get it? one muslim wants to kill another muslim. Why should we give a hoot? Although the iranians would have tried to blame us. What’s all hullaballoo anyway?


"you’re for starting yet another war and sending Americans to die because Iran tried to kill someone else’s diplomat - our soil or not? l.u.n.a.t.i.c"

If they were planning to do it Mafia style with a shot to the head at close range I would agree with you. However since the plan involved a car bomb and a restaurant full of Americans I do take issue with Iran over this. Not because of the ArabI honestly don't dive a darn about a Suadi one way or another, but we need to make it very clear to Iran that American's are not collateral damage. And if we had a president who cared about American citizens that is what we would do.

Of course that isn't what Obama will do. He just needs a distraction. If it wasn't for F&F this would never have made the news.


I will NOT suport ANY new war while that misfit POS is still in office.

This is “wag the dog”.

Send in the human shields.


Interesting, many of the people that are calling for Revolution have ties to Soros. Well funded.

There is a reason Obama has hidden his past.

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