Thursday, October 6, 2011

Editorial: What's Behind The Bank Protests?

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An excerpt: "The mob assaults against our banking system by unemployed leftists and their political allies are part of a larger strategy to control the commanding heights of our economy. And we'll all be much poorer for it."

Note: I'm including some of the debate, because as you'd expect, some Tea Partiers actually see a connection between their frustration and the Occupy Wall Street frustration. Not that many, though.

Smith and Wesson stock should be skyrocketing.


Obama and Hoffa carrying out what they said they would. Taking down the banks is a bonus.


Many of the leading investment bankers and brokerage firms of Wall Street are liberals and Obama backers. It’s hypocritical to portray Republicans and conservatives as being in Wall Street’s pockets.


This is Obama’s attempt at a communist revolution. He knows it is now or never.


All of this is what Glenn Beck said would happen on his show months ago – and they called him crazy, nuts, a lunatic. Now it is happening, and the Wall Street protestors are calling for global revolution and the collapsed of “the system”, and there is no doubt that Obama is fanning flames and will do nothing to squash what some are now calling the “American Fall” a counterpart to the Arab Spring. The funding is being provided by the usual suspects, SEIU, Center for American Progress, among others, and you know who is funding them, George Sorros. Their playbook, The Rules for Radicals, called it “creating a crises” and what you are seeing is the Bottom Up / Top Down theory also from that same book outlining how to destroy capitalism and what is left of patriotism which will be caught in the middle. And this I am afraid is going to get much uglier.
God help us.


Hidden agenda: Wag-the-Dog move to take Fast & Furious, Solyandra, etc off the news - and the sheeple will swallow it...painting the banks an the GOP congress is just frosting on the cake.

It really infuriates him to have a Republican Congress. Kings aren't supposed to have opposition. He can't come to grips with it.

If we don't push back hard, we may go through 80 years of abject poverty and control, the same as Communist Russia after the Revolution.


“He knows it (a communist revolution) is now or never.”

My family has blood invested in this country. He seems to want more.


Communism, the end of capitalism and the collapse of America. That is the objective here. Anyone who believes otherwise isn't very bright and/or isn't paying attention. IMHO.


“I guess watching your way of life disappear is just fine with you; maybe you’d prefer dealing with the Asian imports that have taken many of these people’s jobs...”

Maybe we wouldn’t have all these problems if more people hit the books instead of going into debt in order to major in some politically correct bogus degree.

Chinese moms are math moms, not soccer moms. That’s why they have a future and we are left with all the crumbs.


"Their degrees are useless..."

Oh boo hoo; their "major" is not in fasion. Cry me a river. Mine wasn't either; I adapted and LEARNED MORE in a new field and made it.

These little twat's want it handed to them on a silver platter.

Funny thing is, for how educated they supposedly are, their damn stupid to history as well as current events; and they will KEEP voting Democrat.

No pity for them what so ever.


"Do you think that the root cause is greed? Liberal entitlement mentality? What?"

Oh come now..

Ya think fatcorps taking tens of hundreds of thousands of jobs to Mexico and Communist countries are honorable and are doing so for their efficiency? No, it's because they work for dirt cheap, they pay little taxes, get around the regs and their new workers think company benefits mean at 10 minute break...


[Obama] has lost independents... he has lost women... he has lost much of his white guilt support... pain is more powerful than PC... and Americans just do not like him any longer. He will get the black vote and the gay vote and the leftist of all flavors vote... but it will not be enough for him to even show... unless... the republican blue blood elite get their man romney in the catbird seat... then many sit out the election and obama wins in a landslide. That is what you should be concerned about IMHO.


For people who don’t collect government pensions, the unofficial retirement age in NJ has been pushed up to 105. As for the illegals, there are much more than “12 million”; we have that many in NJ alone.

At this point we’re even educating the foreigners who will displace us...


These are the same vermin that torched Chicago in ‘68... these are the same vermin that burned and pillaged Universities... these are the same people that spit on American soldiers when they came home from VN. I remember these animals... I see defecation on our flag in NY City today... I listened to interviews today with the leaders of this movement... and if I were President... so help me GOD... I would charge them all with sedition and urge the States to use their National Guard to arrest these people... when van jones and the nbpp start shooting... our side will hold overwhelming firepower. I would go lethal at the first outburst of violence. I watched them almost destroy my Republic once... I will not sit idly by and tolerate them today. I have phoned and faxed DC today... I pray that these anarchists are stopped now... before a lot of good people are hurt and killed.


There’s a difference in the real Wall Street, and bailout business forced and YOKED upon the American citizen. The protesters need to seperate the two.


"I don’t know why people are so dead set against acknowledging what the labor movement achieved a long time ago when it was necessary; the unions outlived their usefulness when the reforms they demanded became law, but that doesn’t mitigate their earlier accomplishments. I have never belonged to a union, and hope I never do, but I enjoy weekends and a workweek usually of fifty hours. What a sense of entitlement.../s"

Henry Ford predated unions and he decided that he should pay his workers $5.00 a day so they could afford to buy what he was building.

Sounds like the unions were late to the gig.


The bad news for the protesters is that eventually the weather will turn bad.



  1. We Starks have manned Wall Street for thousands of years...

  2. i'm sorry...what was the question again? i was watching a live video stream of the progressive educated liberal elites taking sh*ts in the allies behind wall street.....