Thursday, October 20, 2011

Search keywords

Okay, today's search keywords were just too funny. So what do you google to find Freep Impact? Let's see...

Search Keywords

obama sucks 13

khadaffi dead 10

freep impact 6

freep 2

certified halal meat at costco 1

costco las vegas halal meat 1

costco selling muslim foods 1

dead of kadaffi 1

derp? 1

freep impact


  1. Haha I love that you're one of the top searches

  2. Well, for this blog, I am. These search keywords are basically what people who are directed here from Google were searching.

    Obama Sucks has always been in my top ones, which I find hilarious. Hi 80 people per month who were definitely not looking for this website!

  3. And in my case: "Hello 185 people who came looking for accidental nudity"

  4. Lol today's new fun one is "Occupy Derp Street". I almost want to change the name of my blog to that.