Monday, October 17, 2011

WALL STREET INSIDER: The Obama White House Wants Us Gone. All of Us.

Interview from The Ulsterman Report.

Mao’s revolution cost 60 million lives. True believers recognize the necessity and accept it. The loose talk about killing the rich must be taken more seriously.


He shouldn't take it personally. Obama wants all white Americans gone, not just those on Wall Street. I think his ambitions have grown since his terrorist friends speculated that they'd have to kill off 25 million of us to take power:

"The thing the most bone chilling thing Bill Ayers said to me was that after the revolution succeeded and the government was overthrown, they believed they would have to eliminate 25 million Americans who would not conform to the new order."
- Larry Grathwohl (undercover FBI agent)


This will unfold in the already disarmed metro areas of the country.

I was going to see what other bites they got, but the thread was pulled by an administrator. No idea why.

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