Saturday, October 15, 2011

Farmers blanch at idea of cow tax, EPA anti-methane effort is ridiculed

This one goes out to Jackson Herring.

Article from the Star-Ledger in 2009.

Comments from various articles.

The goal of “Global Warming” is to control people, to punish them for choosing “unapproved” behaviors and consumption.

This is the same goal for “universal healthcare” - to control behavior.


I hate New York.
If the New York Farm Bureau is so concerned about cow farts why don't they just get in their State Helicopters and fly from farm to farm wiping out the cow herds with M134 Miniguns.

That'll solve the cow fart problem real quick.


A Fart Tax?!?

I can just smell the T-shirt fortune with this one.

What if I eat a lot of beans?!? For every can of pintos, tro Uncle Sam 5 extra bux?

Aren’t Mexicans (beaners) unduly harmed by such a tax?


"After all, 6+ Billion people passing gas is not good for the environment and greenhouse gas levels."

You can make that 5,999,999,999.

President Obama farts pure O3 ozone.


All those farmers in Iowa will get their reward for voting Obummer.


Actually I think we ought to revolt by marching on Washington after drinking a few cheap beers and eating pickled boiled eggs. That ought to be revolting enough.


“What about horses? And Zoo animals.....elephants are many times bigger than cows are.”

What about people who are vegans? They certainly fart a lot - real sheet flappers!!


"We should tax people for just being alive.."

Don't write that in jest.

I have been saying that exact thing for quite some time now.
Soon, a government agency will command control of the atmosphere - for the good of the planet - and tax us all into uniform misery.
I predict it will become a Western World phenomena.

Part of the trend to Western Cultural extinction.


I wonder which state will seceed first? Based on this I’m guessing one of the states with the most agriculture.


The islamofacists should just take the easy road and not fight us. The left is out to kill our society, anyway. Between abortion, restriction on energy use and now, starving ourselves, all they have to do is wait about 20 years before the west falls.

In sum, I concede the point: nobody called him Fartbama. That must have been created by Fark.