Saturday, October 1, 2011

Action Needed: Obama's Internet Takeover to Begin Nov. 20

All of the pieces are coming together.

We’ve got politicians openly talking about suspending elections.

We’ve got a President who’s said numerous times that he wishes he could just bypass Congress.

We’ve got an Attorney General who is implicated in a widespread operation of gunrunning and biased cherry-picking of cases.

We’ve now got the FCC taking over the Internet in November.

Folks, we’re way past that point of no return.


If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he would be composing a new Declaration of Independence, proclaiming the overthrow of this tyrannical regime.


"We also have a government that has executed an American citizen without a trial in absentia by a court of law.

FReepers cheered. After all, he was a bad guy.

It should have been easy to get such a ruling but for the ACLU which, of course, decried the simple takeout they necessitated. Needless to say, a government that can simply kill a terrorist citizen can turn those same legal means on any who would stand in the way of tyranny and that means us.

Sometimes the irony of it all just blows me away."

Are you serious? Did Ron Paul tell you to write that nonsense?

--- I lol'd


"A few FReepers said the Clintons would never allow another election. That didn’t happen."

You're not taking into account that hussein and his handlers are exponentially more evil than the Klinton regime.


"The terrorist are not far from being in our own backyards."

This is a joke right?

During Bush's 8 years, while at war in Muslim countries, Bush imported hundreds of thousands of Muslims...All while rolling out the red carpet for tens of millions of illegals, from God knows where...During war time.


"I am a long time Republican and conservative but I cannot understand the great hatred of net neutrality shared by my fellow conservatives. Do you really want to see an internet that allows preferences of packet transmissions? Do most of you really even understand what that means?

I’m not about wanting to see my ISP be able to charge me an extra $XXX dollars a month just so I can pull up in under 3 minutes over someone who pays an $XXX extra a month so their Skype packets get priority over mine. That would be at best. At worse (and more likely to occur) would be ISP’s creating packages of sites that you can access for extra fees over not even being able to get them at all. Want to be able to pull up google/FR/foxnews, etc? Great! Just pay an extra $50 a month and you’ll have access to them. Don’t pay and they don’t come up.

Or am I just not understanding the whole ‘net neutrality’ thing??"

The whole goal is CENSORSHIP.


Isn’t there anyway we could stop this. Is there 1 “off” button that shuts down the entire internet?

From everything I’ve heard, there is no way to do such a thing. People always find a way around it.

A computer expert I most certainly am not. There’s got to be SOMEONE out there with the skills and know how to prevent such a thing.


Yep, the American people have lost our freedoms and today its just a whisper goodbye..makes me sick...dorkus POTUS is a curse on us..God help those that love you...its not going to be pretty..


I don’t claim to know all the ins and outs of ‘net neutrality’, but I vehemently oppose it for the following reasons:

1. It is a solution looking for a problem-the above scenario you describe is NOT happening and is not likely to happen if the govn’t gets out of the way and lets the free market take care of itself.

2. Liberals lie! Whenever a liberal/socialist administration proposes doing something under the guise of ‘fairness’ or ‘neutrality’, you can pretty well bet-as was the case with the Fairness Doctrine years ago, that their regulations will have the opposite effect. Bottom line-I don’t trust anything this administration does, cause I fear the underlying motivation is more control over our lives.

3. The courts have stated clearly that the FCC has no authority whatsoever to impose this, and yet they don’t appeal to a higher court, they just completely ignore the court ruling and move forward to impose the regs anyway. Based on this fact alone, EVERY person who calls themselves a “lifelong” Republican or conservative should be 100% opposed to this.

If there’s really a problem that needs addressing, let the administration take it before Congress and ask them to write a new law to fix it. That’s the way our Republic works-at least it was until this regime took over.


We have to start crime suits against the government and pointless civil suits. Then we got to enforce the results and dare them block the law. It needs to be organized as they do affirmative action: presumption of guilt and constant state of prosecution. Dare them shut us up.

Community “organizing” my arse, this is f@g union conspiring.



  2. Request: Freeper thoughts on the Arab Spring. I think they're the only group on the planet that things the protests in the Arab world are a bad thing.

  3. THat's because they think all revolutions are started by communists.

  4. They are also starting to notice the Wall St. protests. That seems like a jackpot of derp. Observe this gem:

    "This kind of crap was stopped at Kent State with a few well placed rounds. Never was a protest after that."

  5. Did Obama's internet takeover shutdown freep impact??

  6. Oh please tell me you'll have a post on Freeper reaction to Sarah Palin's announcement taht she's not running for President!

  7. I was under the weather, Jackson, but I'm still here.

    Clintster, working on it now :)

  8. Sorry to hear that, hope you're feeling better :(

  9. too late! obama already reliquished a huge amount of control the internet...kinda reminds you of the time his failed lib idol carter gave away the panama canal