Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Iranian terror plot in US foiled

Let me add that there are three different threads in Front Page News and Breaking News about Holder, and two about the Wall Street protests.

Incredible timing with the Issa memo to Holder. With that said, if this is true, this should mean war in the size and style of WWII.


If you believe that, I’ve got some swampland in Florida to sell you.


WAG.....THE.....DOG. Didn’t they say the Zero was briefed in JUNE on this???


Iran, Mexico, and NYS...All friendly and cooperative venues for the admin. What a coinkydink.


Sure, sure....biiiig plot foiled, uh-huh. Biiig and daaaastardly.

Rule #1 —don’t compromise your sources & methods.

So WHAT is the extraordinary need to TELL us all this? I mean eeeeevery other time, even the most stringent new security measures, it’s all justified with flamboyantly few details — “YOU LITTLE PEOPLE NEED KNOW NUTHINK...”

Yet here, suddenly, we gets TONS of exotic detail from the ObaMubage Admin.

Gosh I wonder WHY, ya know?


“Attorney General Eric Holder said the U.S. would hold Iran accountable. Clinton told The Associated Press the Treasury Department soon would put more people under sanctions. She also predicted the plot would further isolate Iran.”

What does “accountable” mean?
What does “put more people under sanctions” mean?
What does “further isolate Iran” mean?

It never ends with Iran. Even with the previous administration.


Iran attacks the USA. Response?........... hello hello.....where is the response?

The above was until about 4 EST, I just got back to add more. The new article's title: "U.S. Ties Iran to Plot to Kill Saudi Envoy (DC bomb plot)".

Obamma is in bed w/those Iranians...war timed for elections..


timing of all this is much too convenient.

what has Manucher Gorbanifar been up to lately?


"The charges are also a rare instance of Washington accusing Iranian groups of fomenting terrorism on U.S. soil."

Washington's been dead for 200 years.

The president is Obama, and his Administration is accusing the Iranian government of planning to put bombs in our nation's capital.

The response is up to Obama now. Not Washington.


Convenient, how Holder is trying to divert attention away from Fast and Furious as he tries to make himself look like a responsible Atty General.

BTW, how were the Iranians able to plot an assassination attack in our country? Seems like they aren’t afraid of obama.

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