Friday, October 21, 2011

BREAKING — President Obama Will Announce Today Complete Drawdown of US Troops from Iraq By Year End

“It is Very stupid to tell your enemy your plans”...Shih-T’Zu


God help the folks at our embassy and consulates as well as the NGOs. The State Department will be responsible for security.


I’m in support of this if the reason is Iraq’s refusal to give our troops immunity.


Won’t it be harder to collect all that oil and money that’s owed us, if we’re not there?


Poll numbers dropping, have to do something. Khadafi won't help his numbers much, if at all. He got almost no bump from offing Bin Laden.


"A White House official says that at approximately 11:30am today, President Obama convened a secure video conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to talk with him about this news."

And you posted this around 12:30 pm. Real secure that WH his...


"I’m in support of this if the reason is Iraq’s refusal to give our troops immunity."

I agree. Add to that an agreement to recoup money to defray the expense of the war via oil pricing incentives. Freedom isn't free.

Yeah, Freedom Isn't Free. Really? That is like Comical Villainary 101.


Yes, according to the African Muslim Obama destroy America plan, Iraq is to become part of Iran the moment the USA military departs. Yes, the Obama plan to turn the entire Middle East into a radical Muslim bastion of America hate is right on schedule!!! And....just as African Muslim Obama wishes, Israel will be isolated, surrounded by legions of Obama’s “Muslim Brotherhood” brethren!!! And....African Black Christians, watch your back. Obama has you in his sights!!!


He is building the elements of a caliphate. Setting in place ‘electors’ so to speak.


Libya - check

Egypt - check

Iraq - check

Lebanon check

Iran - wink and nod

Attack on Israel - on schedule.


The Caliph-N-Chief waited for the Arab Spring to jump into high gear before removing troops from Iraq.

When Iraq falls to Iran the Caliph-N-Chiel will only get a poll boost from his blind admirers. The rest of us will see it for what it is. He hopes for the destruction of Israel. The SOB is once again on tv to hear himself speak.


Once again putting his re-election desires above the safety, security and needs of this country.
And we’re suppose to be surprised or shocked?
He don’t care. He has not a clue of what it means to be an American...but run a crooked election campaign? Boy Howdy, he da man!


At least they will be able to vote in 2012 at home in the USA. We won’t have to worry about the dems not counting their votes.


The UN, Euro’s and Obama fully support the creation of a Caliphate across the Muslim world. They think it will be easier to deal with than many different governments. heh.

Why do you think the UN and France went to war to install a Muzzie leader in Ivory Coast?? It got very little attention at the time.


Anyone notice Scott Pelley (CBS turd) getting his little dig at Bush at the beginning saying the troops went into Iraq at the beginning under the false assumption that there were weapons of mass destruction?


Part of the motivation might be eliminating a large outflow of our money. There are no ways of cutting expenses that are free from drawbacks. Maybe this drawdown will interfere with our objectives in Iraq. So be it. We gotta cut expenses, don’t we?

I’m anxious to hear feedback from our military experts.

---This one got no replies.


People need to know the Democrats were 100% behind stopping Sadam and his WMD programs before Bush was elected, then they changed their tune. They are liars, just like Obama.


Good let them come home. Obama has ruined the war plan anyway and with his rules of engagement our soldiers are sitting ducks. Good!


This is great news. Would have been better if the announcement was, “we left yesterday”.

Now, let’s also get the heck out of Afghanistan.

Osama, Kadaffi, and Hussein are all dead; Mission Accomplished, We Won, See ya later....

I’ve supported Afghanistan and Iraq, and Libya. While I scratch my head at Obama and Libya, frankly, for a Democrat, he’s executed the WOT pretty well.

For a very long time, doesn’t matter. Democrat or Republican in the WH, we’ll kick your a$$...

Big Kudos to all the fighting men and women of the USA!


Wait... does he mean THIS YEAR?

That’s 2 MONTHS!

Can they safely move out that much stuff in 2 months?

They would have to start immediately



Walking away from friends (Israel, Iraqis who wanted freedom, Iranian youths who stood up against the mullahs) and...

Embracing those who hate America($900 billion to HAMAS, the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, and al-Qaeda related groups in Libya)

Hussein: hating America every day from the Oval Office.


  1. Did someone just seriously (mis)quote a breed of dog?

    Also, who taught Freepers the meaning of the word Caliphate? Seems they have a new word to smear the communist, marxist, muslim, atheist, dictator, empty suit, teleprompter in chief.

  2. "Won’t it be harder to collect all that oil and money that’s owed us, if we’re not there?"

    WHAT THE F---!