Tuesday, November 8, 2011

[Live Thread] Herman Cain to respond to sex allegations at Scottsdale press conference (Tue 11-8-11)

and let the whore paychecks begin...isn’t it time to declare open season on liberals and start taking them out one by one?


I don’t care even if he did do it. Everyone’s entitled to one free grope. I now believe in order to win this battle for this country we’d better be just as dirty as the enemy. And we’d better start today.


I don’t understand her demands for an apology. IF something happened, she clearly threw herself at him and should be the one apologizing. I say this as a woman who has worked in male-dominated fields my entire life.


"Cain lost my vote when he stated that there were no sexual,harrassment settlements, then backtracked and said there were...his credibility was gone at that point."

Cain never had your vote, fraud.


Why it is our conservative candidates need to be as clean as the Pope every moment of their lives (and be able to prove it), while the leftist pukes can put ANY immoral, drug-snorting pervert in office, and we’re ruthlessly attacked for even bringing up the subject?

I agree with many others... at this point, I don’t care WHAT Herman Cain did or didn’t do. Though he’s nothing more than the best of a lousy selection of candidates, in my mind, I hope he gives them hell and comes out of this stronger. To smear one of our guys like this without any proof at all is a lowpoint... even for the leftist commie scum.


JFK used to get it on with multiple women while president and he had the Secret Service tip him off when Jackie was heading back to the WH. It is even rumored that Marilyn Monroe's "suicide" was related to the WH hanky-panky. And that's just scratching the surface of one Dem president.

I am holding my fire on Herman Cain until I hear him respond formally to these charges later today. If he denies the charges, I will take him at his word and stand with him. If he admits to it, I will still support him nevertheless as I will appreciate the honesty and will chalk his behavior up to how many powerful men act. The only thing I would not forgive would be if he comes out today and gives a mealy-mouthed evasive explanation - you know, a Bill Clinton type response - that will confuse things and allow for more future bimbo eruptions to distract us from the campaign.

So all Herman Cain has to do for me is step up to the plate like a man and either deny it (if it didn't happen) or own up to it (if it did happen) with no apologies. Either way, he'll have my vote.


The only reason he is being attacked is because he is the ONLY one who can beat Obama


I don’t know Herman Cain. I met him once and he was a gentleman.

We knew Sarah Palin and we witnessed the lamestream-demonic-rat 24/7 slime, smear and unrelenting lies about her.

The aim was to make certain she would not be the first woman president.

The aim this time, IMHO, is to make certain that Herman Cain is not the first black American president.

The half white-Kenyan notwithstanding.


I agree with you 100%. We don’t know if any of these allegations are true, but they certainly sound fishy as hell. Now even some FReepers are buying into the whole purpose of the ‘multiple’ allegations and believing where there is so much smoke,well... there has to be fire. BS...it only means that the people that are out to get Cain have started a whole bunch of fires at the same time, but who is holding the match? Who is the arsonist?

And after they lynch and set Cain on fire....who is next?

Surely we aren’t stupid enough to believe that an arsonist will stop with ‘one’ of our conservative candidates? They have already burned Sarah at the stake simply for being a smart,beautiful and god fearing conservative woman!

They will go after every single one of our true conservative candidates until the only rats standing are Obama and Romney.


Hey media: PS .. the current resident is not black;
he’s bi-racial, mulatto



n., pl., -tos, or -toes.

A person having one white and one Black parent. See Usage Note at octoroon.
A person of mixed white and Black ancestry.



Where there’s smoke there’s fire means nothing.

Obastard and Clinton were on fire with tons of smoke and the MSM pretends they are as cool as a mountain waterfall.

I’m willing to bet (if I was a gambler) that every single one of these allegations is 100% false.


A caller today on Rush suggested the dems are terrified Cain will break the monolithic hold they have on the black vote. Obama got 96% of the black vote and if he loses even 10% of that he could be in real trouble.

The libs are deathly afraid of a black conservative president. That’s why the attacks are coming. No other reason.


It’s hard to stay ahead of lies and smears when you never know who is setting the fires. We find out who set this fire and then we will know. The main thing that makes no sense to me on the whole Cain allegations are why..if he was so well known for being a ‘serial harrasser’ have we never heard of it before now?

IT MAKES NO SENSE! Herman Cain has been in the spotlight for decades. If he was that sort of character, we would have heard rumblings and rumors way before now.


  1. Haha jesus. Herman Cain accused of sexual harassment, better start murdering liberals


    If only I'd known...

  3. Half-white Kenyan?

    Having your cake and eating it too. That damn African is a furreigner! But not too furreign! Ours is more!