Monday, November 21, 2011

Michelle Obama booed at Ford 400

Summary: Michelle Obama and Jill Biden were booed while attending a Nascar event in support of military families.

She hated them first.


Invited my a**.


Why were they sent there?

To get material for a “two-minutes of hate” (Orwell, ‘1984’) against white rednecks. Which the media is broadcasting.

Obama has secured turnout of the racist Black vote. It’s interesting that he felt he needed to do so.

Oh, never mind that the booing is the response to Obama’s utter failure- that’s not the media’s storyline so it isn’t so...


Minnie the Moocher and her ‘beard’ husband are so out of touch with reality, they think the commoners can’t see blatant pandering.

Honoring country music and Nascar? How desperate can they be?


"We are better than booing the First Lady and Second Lady. By booing, all we are doing is diminishing our own nation.

Just sit on your hands."

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.


Surprisingly, more of the NASCAR crowd didn’t boo the bitch for using them for political gain. Moochelle hates these people and they should see that very clearly.


It was absolutely great that the commie moochelle and joey bite me’s wife got booed. The people spoke and the truth hurts.


I hope that this is the start of NASCAR turning its back on the political correctness and environmental whacko direction it’s taken recently. NASCAR is perhaps the most all-American of sports which is why it’s so popular with Conservatives.


"Many citizens have nothing but disdain for this woman and her husband!"

Well said. I'll just alter your statement as follows:

All patriots have nothing but disdain for this woman and her Marxist, wannabe dictator, American-hating husband!


I see she has a small white nose these days and her skin is lighter. Mine as well get the tax payers to pay for all this.


Marie Moochelle Antoinette Obama's handlers weren't too swift in lining her up for a vote-begging performance at a NASCAR race on behalf of her worser half. They know her pansy husband is not popular at all with the real men of racing and their lusty patriotic fans.

As the campaign trail wends its way toward Barack's armageddon, Michelle will find that the only place she won't be booed is on the campus of an institution of higher leftist learning, or in a kindergarten room with little black kids who can't wait for her aide to pass out the sugarless Gummy Bears.


"I stand behind no one in my opposition to Obama's presidency and the damage he has done and continues to do to the interests of the US. That said, I think booing any First Lady who appears at a public event for ceremonial reasons without making political statements is just bad manners. It's also counter-productive - rudeness like this just makes opponents of Obama look ill-mannered and unreasonably hostile."

Standing there and having a look of contempt on her face during the playing of the National anthem IS MAKING AN UNWELCOME POLITICAL STATEMENT.


I’m glad they booed them, well done NASCAR fans. What genius decided to allow her fat a$$ to be there? It’s just another way of the Marxists intruding into places where they are CERTAIN that they are NOT wanted, showing they can do what they want, when they want even if they aren’t wanted there. That way they can say NASCAR fans are racists. It never crossed their minds that it has nothing do to do with race, and everything to do with love of country and dislike of Kenyan Marxists perpetual vacationers in the Wite House ... unless your name is Mr. Burgis from Greenville, Mississippi. If you’re wondering what that means just search You Tube for Mr. Bergis Nascar.( warning if strong language offends you don’t watch the video). Mr. Bergis is a very angry guy that a radio station prank called several times over a couple of years.


She has her chin done too. She had major plastic surgery done in August of this year. Remember when she was MIA for a few weeks.... major work done on her face, jaw wired so she lost about 20 pounds because all she could eat was fluids, no chewing.


Nothing will convince me Obama loves America.

Frankly, that is what will motivate me to vote for ANY Republican over him. As bad as “ROMNEY/PERRY/GINGRICH/CAIN/WHOEVER” might be, I believe ALL of the Republican nominees (even my least favorite Huntsman) *love* America. I think even this separates Jimmy Carter from Hussein.

Carter was, until Hussein, the worst President of my lifetime. His ideology was bad, but I believe he wanted America to grow stronger and be a better place as most people define it...but Hussein, I believe, hates America and is eager to see it fall behind.


"They did remove bone when she had her chin done to try to make her mouth seem less.... how do it put this so as to not appear like a raging racist, even though many white people have the same short of mouth....... hmmmmmmm.... well, so it wouldn’t seem so... curious georgie. Has nothing to do with race. Plastic surgeons do the same fix on other races. Let’s just call it a horse mouth, even though that really doesn’t describe it accurately."

I agree with you 100%. But, you know how things get twisted and portrayed. If you compare someone to an animal because of their looks and that animal is a wolf, or a fox or an armadillo, there is no problem but this comparison opens the door for criticism that isn’t needed. I don’t believe it. I don’t like PC and I don’t like liberals getting a pass. But, it is what it is.


"I didn’t like it when the other side disrepected and acted in a trashy manner to President Bush either."

There is no equivalency whatsoever. President Bush loved America and did his very best (along with Vice President Cheney as well as the beautiful Laura Bush) to advance our country's interests. And he did so with class and dignity.

Obama, Biden and the rest of the criminal bunch hate America and are working day and night to destroy our country. A mere booing of Obama's wife by patriotic NASCAR fans is very tame behavior indeed.


"I don't want to give the impression that I think President Obama is an effective or very competent president. My big thing is we can't judge what runs the guy's motivation. But we don't have to know his mind to see that his policies are faulty and damaging."

Your post is interesting and very telling. 1.PRESIDENT Obama? he maybe yours, he is NOT mine. 2. You don’t think he is a very competent president? As in not a lot but somewhat? How bout he’s a Marxist incompetent jerk and is totally INCOMPETENT! 3. If you don’t know his motivation I suggest you do some research. You can actually find a great deal of it here on FR or try the Obamafiles.
Nice profile page [[referencing the user's quotes from Abraham Lincoln]]... your hero?

"I make an effort to call him President Obama because I remember how I hated the disrespectful way liberals spit out BUSH, NIXON and REAGAN. Calling him president forces me to respect the office and the wishes of our Founders who wanted our political life to be characterized with a little more dignity than that found in the crowd of a pro rasslin match.
Sure I admire Lincoln. He and George Washington were our greatest presidents. And he saved my ancestors from the political tyranny of the despot Jefferson Davis. Why don't you like Lincoln?"

I don’t like Tyrants or terrorists. I think you have it backwards, Davis wasn’t the tyrant, Lincoln was. Speaking of our Founders, I seriously doubt they would expect us to respect the office if they were alive and saw what we elected. A Marxist, Muslim, homo, cocaine using,...... I could go on forever.. you get the picture. So what you’re saying is that if Hugo Chavez happened to get elected I should still respect the office. FTS


I had many friends that were there today that were among the booers. They didn’t even know big mooch was going to be there. They said it was MUCH louder than what you hear on the video at the link. Check out You Tube tomorrow for some videos of how loud it really was, then you can throw a fit and cry because people disrespected that fine, patriotic woman( or half woman or whatever that big thing is).


"And I don't want to give the impression that I think President Obama is an effective or very competent president."

Balony! You are an obama supporter and don't want to admit it.

There is no comparison between President Bush and the present occupier of the White House.

President Bush respects the ordinary American citizens. obams and Biden holds them in contempt.

President Bush served in the Armed Forces and admires and respects those in military service. President Bush is basically honest. obama never served and despises the military. obama does not have an honest atom in his body.

In closing, would you feel more welcome over at DU . Then you could bring your worship of obama in the open.


Anyone else see the staggering hypocrisy here? The OWS crowd rapes, robs, assaults, and destroys property and the corrupt MSM defends and downplays this. Why they even cast the OWSers.
Michelle Obama gets booed, and WOAH! WE CAN'T HAVE THAT! How disrespectful!



Michelle Obama is not proud of The United States of America, which is OK with us, we're not proud of her, either. This country's given her opportunities most people never even dream of, but, instead of being humble and grateful, she's arrogant and bitter. Some NASCAR fans are wealthy, but I'll bet that most are hardworking, churchgoing, family-loving, gun-owning, salt of the earth Americans. They didn't get affirmative action scholarships, they've never vacationed in Spain, and they prefer collards to arugula.
Go back to Chicago, Michelle. You wouldn't understand these good people.


Can't take the heat MOO-CHELLE?
Get the hell out of our kitchen. And take the Kenyan with you.


It’s not only that she tells us what to eat, and then she goes off and stuffs her mouth with french fries, it’s also the fact that this Moochelle person has spent 10 million dollars of taxpayers money in the last three months traveling on government owned airliner sized jets, five-star hotels, and expensive restaurants.

The media, of course, says nothing.


  1. Right, Jefferson Davis wasn't a tyrant. He just wanted to defend every state's right to use some people as farm equipment. Keep up the awesome work ODS.



  3. Wait... is she getting fatter and fatter or did she lose 20 pounds getting secret plastic surgery? I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE

  4. "Honoring country music and Nascar? How desperate can they be?"

    So what they are saying is that because Michelle is black that she can't like country music or stock car racing?