Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to argue with right-wing relatives (You're about to lose yesterday's supper)

Article from Salon.

I don't even acknowledge the liberal side of my family anymore. A hello at functions where I have to be there (funeral) and nothing more.
It drives them nuts, but I have nothing to say to them. It's all out there. All the facts you need to know on any issue is out there. I choose my side they took theirs - good-by,


I notice that Salon-Obama didn’t even touch the facts behind the bisexual illegitimate Halfrican Kenyan Muslim Usurper’s past.

Oh wait, that’s racist.


My lib relatives know not to agrue with me concerning politics as I am several times more informed than they are (thanks to FR ) and they don’t like being embarrassed and protrayed as ignorant....

Much nicer get togethers when politics are not addresed or discussed


It would not have mattered. My most liberal family member b...tches about rich not paying their fair share, I point out he pays zero fed tax because the rich pay enough for him to get head of household credits, child credits, child care credits....that he gets back more money than what is taken out of his check. Normally he just looks like dear caught in headlights. He is not stupid just in readable uninformed


Some kids are going in the right direction. My seven year old grandson’s favorite line these days is “you don’t work you don’t eat. You want something get a job and buy it”. :-)


Lame and filled with lies.

"If you have a “smart phone,” just bookmark Snopes now."

Why stop there? Surely there are more websites loyal to the Soros/Obama path of destruction. Am surprised the Obamanista who wrote this stupid article didn't try to shill Factcheck, Moveon or the other leftist propaganda sites.


My sister is a 99%’r.. only she was to lazy to drag her butt down to city hall and camp out. She has a 09 car, Ipad, ipod and a apple laptop, 2 dogs... I could go on and on.. my 30+ year old sister is still MOOCHING of my more than willing liberal parents. Shes screwed when they die.

I let um in to my house yesterday. It’s a start I guess.


Journalism at its finest.

A journalism major, a marketing major and a communications major all walked into a bar.... Thank God it burned down and killed all three.

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