Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ron Paul: Bachmann Hates Muslims

From various articles. He added in the same interview that Santorum hates gays, but not all of the articles discuss that.

So I guess Bachmann would be my choice. I’m too old to forget what happened on 09-11-01 when even the “peaceful” Muzzies in this country danced and cheered.


Newt Gingrich also ¨hates Muslims,¨ as does every other candidate except Ron Paul and Bush´s heir, ¨Mr. Religion of Peace¨ Romney.


Paul actually thinks that being nice to Moslims will make them not want to hurt us.They are smiling to his face but laughing behind his back at such naivete and gullibility.


I don’t know about the candidates or you guys, but I don’t hate Muslims. I don’t trust ANY of them because of taqiyya, and because their “holy” scripture tells them to enslave (charge me jizya) or kill (Jihad) me if I decline to convert. I pray for their enlightenment and conversion to following Christ, and would help them if they wished; but I have no wish to torment or kill them just for NOT converting!

The only thing they understand is strength, which is now sorely lacking. Never trust them or turn your back on them. Don’t let any more in, and carefully watch those already here!

Same with queers, abortion supporters, progressives and other assorted undesirables. Pray for them, help them change if they are willing, but never trust them or turn your back on them.


"Always treat the muslim as if he is loaded. "

An excellent perspective!


Muslims only offically hate homosexuals. Many Muslim societies are larded with pederasts - A’stan, the entire Taliban, not sure about Saudi Arabia - it’s historical. One of the man reasons the Hindus loathed the Muslim invaders was the Muslims’ practice of sodomizing boys.


Ron Paul is a certifiable nut case. I'm sure Ron Paul likes Muslims. He doesn't think they are responsible for 9/11 and believes it was an inside job. Ron Paul likes Muslims, but he sure doesn't like Jews! The Weekly Standard ran an excellent article about his history of virulent anti-Semitism.
Ron Paul is a disgrace and a joke. He isn't fit to stand on the same stage as the other Republican candidates.


“She doesn’t like Muslims, she hates Muslims, she wants to go get them.”
He says that like it's a bad thing?


Ok, so Bachmann does not like muslims, those people who want to kill us but she loves our friends in Israel.
Ok, so Paul loves muslims, doesn't care if they have nukes and agrees with them that the US is responsible for every bad thing around and hates our only friends in the middle east Israel.

How does anyone with a brain support this lunatic?

Wait, I answered my own question.


She doesn’t hate all Muslims, just about the 95% who are evil. The other 5% who don’t actively wish us harm she tolerates....


Doesn't Paul know that koranimals everywhere hate Infidels?


That's the best thing i’ve heard about her!

Exterminate them before they do it to us as they have avowed to do!


Deport All muslims, they have no business here in the United States, except for duping idiots like Ron Paul.


Paul and his minions are dangerous. There is a good chance he will run as a third party candidate because he has NO CHANCE of becoming the Republican nominee. That will make him a spoiler like Perot. He will guarantee a second Obama term, and therefore the end of the United States as we know it.


I've thought from the outset that Paul is a dirty antiSemite. He'd like to see the Jews in Israel wiped out, not too much different from Jimmy Carter.
How's that for a comeback? It's pretty much unanswerable. Time to shoot this one at the Flake from Friendswood, TX.


I hate Islam, but not Muslims.

Islam is evil. It calls for its followers to hate Jews and Christians and some of them are acting on that. How can anyone not hate Islam?


"She hates Muslims. She hates them"
Don't we all? Where is the problem here?


I have many good friends who are Jewish. However, until 9/11, I could never really empathize entirely with the feeling of total revulsion they must have seeing people in Nazi uniforms. I certainly never has such feelings towards Russians, for example, even though their government wanted to destroy our system of life and replace it with communism. Then came 9/11 and the joyous celebration of this hideous, utterly wanton atrocity, by just about all the world's influential Mudslimes and all the dissembling and excuse making by every influential Mudslime group in this country. Now, when I see any of them in public wearing their traditional garb I fell the same, entirely rational, psycho-physical revulsion toward them my Jewish friends must feel towards individuals in Nazi uniforms. Strange thing, when you know somebody probably wants to murder you in the most horrible ways imaginable just because you're a loyal American, it tends to affect you a bit.


The problem here is that so much of society , especially here in America has been conditioned to be ‘’tolerant’’. This pc nonsense about ‘’all cultures being the same, wanting the same things ‘’etc. This is not only nonsense it's suicide. There IS true evil in the world. Intractable, implacable and intolerable evil and no amount of ‘’tolerance;;(which is really the virtue of believing in nothing) is going to change it. It is a rare thing when it rears it's head, true evil, but when it does it must be confronted. We are creations of a Divine Being who made us in HIS image and we have the right, the duty, to defend our lives as HE gave us life and not to bow down or allow ourselves to be slaughtered on the altar of some evil’s twisted value system in the name of ‘’tolerance’’. Nazism was one of those rare evils that was a threat to humanity and it was vanquished. Communism was another one. But they were recent phenomenons. Islam has been on this Earth for 1,4000 years and shows no signs of abating.God loves us. Allah wants us dead. And I'll be damned if I'll ever allow myself or my family or my nation to submit to that.


And there it is -- it's out of the bag and on the table -- It's not about Obama's or even Bush's "liberating, regime change or nation-building the fill-in-the-blank Muslim country of the week in the ME" or whatever screwing around with ourselves "ME strategies" we devise . It's really about hatred for Muslims --ostensibly because they hate us & proved that on 9/11.

The truth is that most of us hate Muslims and want to wipe them all out, whether we want to admit it or not. That's why it's so easy to take us to war over there with little or no pretext. It's also why few are screaming their heads off that Obama is taking this on himself without getting Congressional approval -- because "We the People" don't want to take responsibility for starting a Crusade --and neither does Congress.

No one has to tell me about Muslims and how they hate us, their history, etc. I know it. I'm descended from people who spent 500 years under the Ottoman Turks and were delivered back to these Islamists 15 years ago in the Balkans -- by the very NATO who is currently fighting them.

IMHO it has nothing to with justifications, it has to do with admitting it and realizing that it influences all our political opinions.

Ron Paul does have a way of calling "a duck, a duck", when everyone one else is dancing around "potentially evolved, flat-beaked, web-footed, feathered, reptiles." It's useful.


"Islam is a “religion” which deceives people."

No, Islam is a "fascist ideology" Masqurading as a religion in order to keep it's people submissive...Islam means submission.

From someone who was born into Islam, raised in an Islamic society, and now, as an ex-Muslim:

"The ultimate goal of Islam is to rule the world....democracy does not exist in any of the languages spoken by Muslims. “To understand a civilization,” “it is important to understand its vocabulary.... If it was not on their tongues it is likely that it was not on their minds either.”

Democracy implies equality. But equality is unacceptable in Islam. Un-believers cannot be equal to believers and women are not equal to men. Even the non-Muslims are not deemed to be equal.

“Islam is a religion of peace” is a preposterous slogan that is part of the strategy of the Islamic “Game of Deception”..... Islam does not mean peace, it does not preach peace, it has never been peaceful and it will never be..... Islam has advanced through aggressive militarism and regards Jihad and martyrdom as the most meritorious acts............... Islam is militant and imperialistic by its very nature.

Clearly Islamic system of government is fascistic:

• It is marked by centralization of authority under a supreme leader vested with divine clout.

• It has stringent socioeconomic control over all aspects of all its subjects ....(Important: irrespective of their faith).

• It suppresses its opposition through terror and censorship.

• It has a policy of belligerence towards non-believers.

• It practices religious apartheid...... It disdains reason....It is imperialistic.... It is oppressive.... It is dictatorial and It is controlling.

Islam, like fascism, appeals to people with low self esteem and low intelligence. Both these ideologies are irrational.... They disdain reason, and hail devotion and submission to a higher authority.... Like fascists, Muslims are triumphalists.... They seek power, domination and control..... They pride themselves in their strength of number, in their mindless heroism, in their disdain for life and in their willingness to kill and die for their cause.

Islam is political and political Islam is fascism".

This is not even close to homosexuality....which is a is not "born" homosexual....or born into it.


  1. Fuckin hell... the worst part of this post is Freeper's inability to tell the tilde from the apostrophe.

  2. Sometimes I think you've forgotten to include token reasonable comments in your posts.

    Then I worry that you ARE including them.

  3. Hi,

    I'd just like to say that In Quran (Islam) It says if people do not want to convert then LEAVE THEM ALONE. FYI.
    No where in Quran does it say to kill those who chose not to convert to Islam.