Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Only way we can win against homosexuality

Today's post goes out to a friend of mine who is coming out this week. May their children grow up in a world with fewer fucktards.

The sad part about homos&lesbians is that so many Republicans are pro-homosexual. Too many people who call themselves conservatives are apologists for homosexuality including those who say they're Christian. In 1981, you would have found both Democrats & Republicans opposed to homosexuality. There was such a thing as Democrats in Name Only who opposed homosexuality, but since Sam Nunn, there hasn't been a major Democrat opposed to homos & lesbians. Not many DINOS, but plenty of RINOS.
In 1991, the Log Cabin Republicans would have been viewed as a fring group with regard to homosexuality, but sadly, so many Repblicans believe the homosexual agenda. It incl. commentators such as Bill O'Reilly, former President George Bush Jr, SeanP. Hannity, etc. MOre Republicans are also supporting the sex change maimings & transexuals are worse than the homos.

The only chance that we have to win the discussion against homosexulaity/GID is for a cure be it drug, surgery or pill to cure homos&lesbians. But we need to get updated in that too many Republicans agree with President Obama on the homo issue. Too many people who call themselves 'evangelical Christians' (I'm not Judeo-Christian but that's unrelated)are apologists for homosexuality. The fact that a Mormon such as former Utah Gov. John Huntsman & Presidential candidate would be an apologist for homosexuality & support civil unions which would have been unheard of in 1991 must be a concern.

Have we lost the discussion against homosexuality? Do you agree with me that the only way we can win is for a cure to be found for homosexuality because while I don't know if there are any DINO's in office in 2011, there are so many RINOs? Please inform.


A cure for homosexuality has existed since time began.


After decades of research, science still doesn't support the born-that-way theory. In fact scientists who just so happen to be homosexual have stated environment is the major factor and have stated they don't believe science will ever support the born-that-way theory.


I don’t believe it is any of my business what other people do in private.

But when I see perversion in public I am deeply offended. It offends me when an employer is forced by law to consider an obvious pervert for employment. It also offends me when laws are passed giving special protections/privileges to perverts.

The left is determined to cram this down our throats, & we must be just as determined to vomit it right back into their faces. Let them see just how offended we are.


If young people - or people of any age, but especially young people - learn the truth about homosexuality, and that many others have changed, and they don’t have to be “gay”, many more would opt out. But they are fed the lie day after day that they’re “born that way” and cannot change.

This lie is killing people and ruining countless lives and families.


the homosexual lobby has blood on their hands. It isn’t the “homophobes” who are driving homosexuals to suicide, it is the lie that homosexuality is good and normal. It isn’t and never will be.


Homosexuality is a judgment from God. Romans says that because they forgot God, God GAVE THEM UP to depravity. The cure is a return to God.

Watching the spread of homo being approved in this country is a sign that this country is being GIVEN UP. In spite of the voter’s will, courts are overruling and flushing this country down the sewer. Unless there is a repentance towards Jesus Christ, it’s going to get much worse.


Kids are not born homosexual. Let a boy show interest in something feminine and all the adults will convince him that he MUST be "gay". From then on he is labeled and pushed that direction. He is told to "accept himself".
Reliable science shows that sexual behavior is environmental. Very often these children are the victims of adults, whether it's through emotional rejection, sexual abuse or just plain stupidity.


“These kids who are questioning the sexual urges are doing so because they are taught that it is normal, that families comprised of two fathers or mothers is acceptable, that they should explore their tendencies and that there are no repercussions.”

Not true. I know several families dealing with this. One is a very conservative family, big biker dad, religious Christians. Their 2nd son is 5 and loves barbies and brushing their hair and changing their dresses. This child knows Nothing of the gay agenda. Nothing!! The parents are ashamed but loving to their boy, and there is no way to change him from his ways. He will make a beautiful girl doll out of his imagination if he has no dolls, using twigs or whatever he finds. He would play with GI Joe the same way.

This happens the way autism happens. I am concerned that toxins in our environment messes with biology, in both conditions. I do not see moral failings in these parents or children, for autism or gender issues.

You guys aren’t as logical. You see one condition as a religious failing and the other as a biological condition. We have learned that there are mental illnesses, and we discard witchcraft as the cause. So why can’t we use the autism medical model for gender difference conditions too?


The gospel is the ultimate “weapon” against homosexuality and all sin.

In terms of how that’s carried out, it’s the old, normal, trench work of doing God’s will God’s way every day. Men need to be men, and women need to be women, and we need to raise our children in the Lord and vote faithfully and so forth.

The gospel must be preached and lived out.

No sudden cure ideas from this quarter. Only the tried and true. It is a spiritual problem.


  1. I don't support that Born That Way theory either. I think the Fame Monster was a better album.

    By the way, congrats to your friend. Stories like that always make me a little misty.

  2. These guys DO know that TEH GHEY isn't compulsory, right?

  3. Do they realize that homosexual males don't all "show interest in something feminine"? What about the gays who like sports, violent video games, or other nerd-culture things?

    I have a gay acquaintance who was confused about his sexuality at a young age. He was attracted to boys, but didn't think he was gay because he didn't like fashion, barbies, or other girlie things.