Thursday, December 1, 2011

The birthers press on

Summary: "In a belated response to the birther movement, earlier this year the White House released Barack Obama's "long form" birth certificate. Everyone believed it would finally silence the birthers; and it did -- for a while. But since then, various independent researchers, as well as experts in graphics, computer software, and scanning equipment, have examined the document and now allege that it shows signs of tampering."

NOTE: This article is from November 23, 2011. So yes, this is recent.

actually, within 2 days of it being released, graphics experts had already posted comments on the forgery

then 2 days later... 0failure announced the killing of bin laden

punting the forgery from the headlines


"experts [...] have examined the document and now allege that it shows signs of tampering."

Yeah, kinda like the The Pope shows "signs of" being Catholic


The potential for intentionally fueling the conspiracy theories has crossed my mind.


Ya think that if Obama had any integrity, once he heard about this he’d have the FBI itself vet the document.


nobama’s arrogance and narcissism are unbounded. The release of his POS “long form” BC was just a poke in the brithers eye. He’s daring somebody to successfully try and make something out of it. Knowing that will never happen.


"earlier this year the White House released Barack Obama’s “long form” birth certificate."

Except they didn’t release anything of the kind. If they had, the whole issue would have been resolved. Instead they released something completely different, and then SAID it was what it wasn’t, the long form.

All the useful idiots then fell all over themselves to declare it “as good as,” Even though “as good as” would never fly for anyone anywhere. It is so hard to take any article/journalist/person seriously after they start maintaining that. If they cannot even get that part of the story down how in the world do they expect anyone to read the rest of their tripe masquerading as journalism.


It smells like Trump was used to “force” the release of “BC”.
If he is satisfied with what was produced, he is either a fool or playing the Obama’s game.
Can we see BC that Kenyan should have in his possession, that mama gave him, nice old, original wrinkled one???????


Obummer sure wasn’t shy at one point about claiming to be a non-American alien, though it would take more than that sort of fraud to jettison a citizenship if it existed.

Forget about whether he got one fraudulent SSN. How about a couple dozen? Not even the average Moose visitor needs but one. If he had some kind of strange grooming early in his life, were they thinking about having all kinds of clones of Barack Obama in “existence”? Yet as far as we know, none of these separately SSN’d identities has no history, at least history left to us.

--- BARACK OBAMA'S CLONE ARMY 2016. Something to look forward to.



"This isn’t about Obama; it’s about our stupid, corrupt, criminal government that sees crimes in progress and yawns at best - and more often joins in to commit crimes on behalf of the guilty and persecute the innocent."

Indeed! It is about the corruption. It is like a well marbled steak. It is embedded throughout the system. The two areas that have disappointed the most are:

1) Our very highest military. How they treated lower level officers was disgraceful. These highest level officers are either stupid or evil. Surely they **know** that Obama has problems with his very identity and citizenship status. Yet...Where is the evidence that they peacefully and lawfully asked for clarification from the courts or congress? When did ignoring forgery and identity theft become part of the military code of honor? Is this how they defend the Constitution and watch the backs of the brave and honorable men and women serving under them? Why do they salute a man, a likely usurper, who issues insane Rules of Engagement and supports factions dedicated to killing our soldiers and American citizens?

3) Our conservative yappers ( that means El Rusbo and the rest). WHAT WEENIES! I will never trust them again. Silly me! I believed them when they said they loved our nation and the Constitution. If and when hard core tyranny comes to our nation, these yappers will sell their talents to the fascist oligarchy. They will lick the boots crushing our necks.


(to someone who has written a lot on the certificate) "What is your take on zero killing his granny with mercury?"

I hadn’t heard that theory. At this point I don’t put anything past Obama or his thugs. She got deathly ill with “cancer” awfully quick after being just fine and getting a hip replacement... And they got rid of her body awfully quick too...

My dad had a stroke 2 years ago. We thought we were gonna lose him. It was a four-hour drive from our house to the hospital where he was taken, and within about 7 hours of receiving the call that he was in bad shape I, my husband, and our 4 kids were all at that hospital, and we spent almost every waking moment for the next 3 days (until we had to go back home) in that hospital. My husband is a pastor and he sees the same thing all the time, regardless of whether the person’s demise was sudden or gradual coming on. Obama was the only one who went and he spent hardly any time with his grandma. Combined with all the other suspicious things surrounding her death, the whole thing is questionable.

Maybe we’re all just super-critical and conspiratorial, but it wouldn’t take much for the details of the illness and death to be verified. Non-certified copies of death certificates are required to be disclosed upon request just like non-certified COLB’s are required to be disclosed when anybody requests it, but just like everything else, Hawaii and Obama both refuse to obey the laws.

So - like with everything Obama - things smell real fishy but nobody will allow any fact-checking so we can find out what is true.


There is a Candaian newspaper that made a serch of reports describing Stanley Ann Dunham

She had a tendency to tilt her head to the side as she spoke or stood there

Also, she wore her hair short, not long

the picture of her holding Obama as a toddler shows photoshopped color to the length of her hair and also the corners of her mouth

Who is the woman in the center of this video?


Bottom line there are stills of zero creeping around behind the house after allegedly injecting [his grandmother] with what is believed to be Mercury after having done it before as well to create a buildup.
Also there was a grave that was set aside for her to be buried next to her husband but zero had her cremated only hours after her death which was unbelievably “sudden.”Can you say osammaaaaauuuhhh!!
It's interesting to say the least.