Monday, December 12, 2011

71% of Americans celebrate Christmas as a holy day

Summary: "A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 88% of American Adults say they celebrate Christmas, and 81% of this group celebrate it as a religious holiday. Just 16% of those celebrants regard it as a secular holiday."

Ohhh, this will not make the demon-infected left happy.


I don’t know about the math in this, but overall this is great news. I don’t even mind the 16 percent who celebrate it as a secular holiday because as long as Christmas survives I will be happy. I do feel sorry for kids who attend public schools fun. My kids go to Catholic School and they still have a full Christmas pageant with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus....not to mention tons of fatty cookies and cakes to eat after. It is just delightful to see that schools still do this type of thing. Unfortunately for public school kids that is not reality.


“Peace on earth, good will toward all men”... trumps religion.. and politics..

Makes a laughing stock of Marxism and dialectical materialism..

URP has ejected God like a DVD player..
America HAS NOT...


The world stops on December 25 each year to celebrate the fact that Jesus the Savior was born as a man in the humblest of circumstances.

The thread does not say anything about the actual date of birth.

The day is holy because it is a day to remember that God chose to enter the worlds as a tiny child so that He could make John 3:16 a reality.

If you don’t think that the birth of Christ was holy and the celebration of it is holy then “seasons greetings” to you.

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