Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All I Want For Christmas, President Palin

I just hope that in November 2012 we will elect Sarah Palin as President!
I was happy when Reagan got elected but will be even more so when Sarah is elected!

Our country is in worse shape now, and not just financially, but in losing our Freedoms!

I think Sarah will be a better President than Reagan, which will be hard, but that is what the dems fear!

Palin has already been a role model for women and women voted more Republican in the (mid terms) for the first time ever, because of Sarah!

Her family is normal vs Reagan's and she lives the Pro Life, always been conservative, and has given the media back as much as they give! She's more been vetted than Reagan was also!

I Know her Supreme court picks would be much better than Reagan's (W did better than Reagan)! A very lasting impact on the Country!

Alaska, 25 years from now will still be a Red state. Reagan's California sure turned Blue and he had no lasting effect on his own state,

Reagan did change the whole country towards the right once he became President, but Sarah has already done so!

If Sarah is not the President in 2013 the America haters, the left, socialists, media, and the rinos, win again!

Sarah Palin, because she is a Conservative Christian, is evil to them. She is a good, GODLY women, one of us, who loves America!

What a terrible CRIME!

What a Christmas President! President Sarah Palin!


It will be Patriots vs communists, America reborn or death to America. Go Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Palin has done more already than Reagan did before he became President. It’s the Truth!


IMHO, Sarah is very Reaganesque, however, very clearly her own person. There will never be another Reagan; just like there will never be another Sarah. Wasting all this time trying to prove she is or isn’t Reagan is preventing a lot of people for honestly evaluating her for who she is.

I do think she is capable of taking the mantle of conservatism and leading in a way that has been missing since Reagan. But Sarah isn’t running against Reagan; she’ll be running against (hopefully) 0-bummer. I just sometimes wish people spent as much time comparing and contrasting Sarah to 0-bummer - instead of Reagan.


If Palin saw the posts of you and others here, she’d die of embarrassment.


This thread represents the dumbing down of FreeRepublic.

I guess we can hope it isn’t a sign of things to come from the Palin camp.


With Barack Obama, I think we have a person who was raised to hate the United States from the word go. Both he and Clinton were/are evil players. They are evil from the core, and only do what comes naturally to those who adore communism. Both planned for years just what they would do when they became president. Obama had a long list of evil deeds and evil schemes to make sure he could implement his plans. He has no moral compass, and feels no guilt at all about what he is doing.

Then you have Sarah Palin. She is nothing like Clinton and Obama. She was raised right. She has some pretty good instincts. Sadly, her tutoring seems to have missed some very important key points.

You don’t support a United Nations plan to ‘take over’ the rule of the seas and insure a steady cash flow. You don’t reward villainy and treachery to register illegal immigrants and grant them permission to stay here and take jobs from Citizens and continue to sap the system dry. You don’t back a man like John McCain, even if you simply can’t grasp the complexities of the ways he has tried to harm the United States with some of the worst know Leftist players the world has ever seen.

Palin is a person who means well. I just don’t think she grasps what is going on in this nation today. I don’t think she has the slightest clue how bad some of the things and players McCain has been trying to do and do them with. Still, support for the man is support for the man, and intimates that as President she would give his council considerable respect. Thus we wouldn’t have McCain as president, but we would have his agenda on the fast track.

Palin agrees with McCain on the LOST Treaty. She agrees with him on border issues. She must agree with his ideas about cutting the military budget too, because she has said she agrees with his policies.

I have no choice but to try to avoid facing McCain or his influence in the White House. I don’t like it having to be this way, but we simply cannot support another person who is going to help implement the Democrat agenda, whether they realize that’s what they will be doing or not.

We either step up and pick a person better than McCain and who won’t listen to him, this time around, or we might just as well pack it in.

I don’t have to dislike someone to realize they are not what this nation needs right now. We need a person who does grasp who Soros is and what he is up to. We do need a person who can recognize a snake like McCain for who he is.

We do need a person who knows what people to support and what people to trivialize for the good of the nation.

I like Palin. I just don’t like the prospect of her becoming president. It saddens me to have to say that, but it is what I feel compelled to say for the good of our nation.

The sooner we can set our sights on someone who does understand these matters, the better.


  1. "This thread represents the dumbing down of FreeRepublic.

    I guess we can hope it isn’t a sign of things to come from the Palin camp."

    Isn't this just crazy calling the other crazy crazy?

  2. Hahaha wow. Zero-bummer's evil schemes. I'LL GET YOU, GADGET!

  3. But remember, liking Obama means you're in a personality cult and you think he's the messiah!