Monday, December 12, 2011

Michelle Obama breaks jumping jacks record

Summary: "The first lady announced in an email Monday that her October bid to break the record for the most people doing jumping jacks in a 24-hour period succeeded. Mrs. Obama says 300,265 people participated, shattering the old record.

In order to achieve her goal, Mrs. Obama led about 400 elementary and middle-school students from Washington in jumping jacks on the South Lawn of the White House. Other jumping jacks events were held around the world on Oct. 11."

I’m willing to bet that her butt is still surging up and down!


"I detest her!”

She detests you too if you are a taxpaying American, especially a white one.


"I like these WH press photos. Finding the token white kid is like playing Where’s Waldo."

I've noticed there are always at least two black kids between her and the token white kid. She must command her staff to arrange it that way so she doesn't risk get any of those "white devil" germs.


How telling that she attempted a COLLECTIVE record rather than an INDIVIDUAL record.


Please tell me she didn’t have 300,265 blue t-shirts printed with our tax money.


There was a record for the biggest butt ever to complete a regulation jumping jack?

Who knew?


Reminds me of the time Chairman Mao broke some record by swimming across the Yang-tze.



Perfectly described our FLOTUS.

Michelle Obama completely relied on OTHERS to do the chore, then she’s the one who took credit.

Next .....

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