Monday, December 12, 2011

Newt Gingrich's 'mind boggling' tax plan [A $1.3 trillion tax cut and this is a bad thing?]

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Article from CNN Money

And it would produce a highly competitive booming capitalist free-economy a la the Reagan economy.


"According a new analysis, Gingrich's tax plan would reduce government revenue by a staggering $1.3 trillion -- or 35% -- in 2015"

Revenues have already dropped considerably under Obama. This stat is meaningless.

"Gingrich wants to add to the current tax code by putting an optional 15% flat tax on income in place, with a $12,000 per-person deduction. And Gingrich would like to eliminate the estate and capital gains taxes."

I can definitely get on board with that. But it should be for everyone. And such a plan will result in and INCREASE in revenues - not a decrease as the article implies.


You see, Newt was there for the Reagan years and there is no better man to reflect that same intelligent agenda. Not even most Democrats can argue with that approach.

(Which is why Reagan won 2 terms.)


It’s starting to sink in that Gingrich is for real and he won’t give the baton to anybody else....the media has little time to attempt to zap Gingrich like they did Palin and Cain.

We will see some desperate dirty stuff in the media in the few short weeks leading up to Iowa.

They are sh***ing themselves with the possibility that a NewT Gingrich could be President.

lol, relishing


Newt, along with Kasich were the primary reasons that Clinton, dragged in screaming, balanced the budget.

So, he has experience with budgets.

But, Newt is probably not dumb enough to do as you say and put out a ton of spending cuts, before the elections upcoming.

He is too smart to specify cuts right now. You win the election first with tax cuts and then you outline the austerity measures when you are in the WH.


Is Newt running for school board? Why is he opining on state and local issues. I think kids should clean too, but not get paid for it.

He needs to tell us which parts of ObamaCare he wants to keep. We know he likes the individual mandate.

He also should explain which parts of conservatism he is willing to throw under the bus for compromise. He is the GOP leader who compromised MOST with the Democrats while he was Speaker. I suspect he’ll compromise on just about everything. We know he’s for amnesty.

I just can’t wait until his new book on fighting global warming comes out, AFTER the election. lol.

I think a lot of conservatives are getting scammed right now by this flim flam artist.


“Reagan raised our taxes after cutting them.”

That is a lie in both context and omission, either that or it is born of ignorance.

If you don’t understand that Reagan proposed to cut income taxes by 30%, and got 25% even with a Dem Congress, than you don’t know your political or conservative history.

The only people I see that spout this nonsense, are the same liberals that called Reagan heartless for cutting taxes on all income tax levels.

They point to 9 that were forced on him by Congress to get his tax cuts passed...and most were simple loopholes in business taxes.

Do you think Business wants a Reagan or an Obama or Romney. Romney’s tax cuts are miniscule compared to both Reagan’s and Gingrich’s.

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