Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paul Ryan

So I was away from my computer this weekend, which is why there was no update until now. I'm doing a mix of reactions over the past day and a half.

Great pick.

I’ve been hoping for Ryan VP for weeks now.

I breathed a great sigh of relief when this pick was announced.

I very much feared Romney would either play the gender card, the race card, the race+gender combo card or the safety-first card.

He chose none of those. He chose a clear conservative and an extremely able campaigner.

This changes how I think about Mitt Romney.


I think Dems are really afraid of someone like Ryan because they know he’ll pin Biden’s ears back quite easily in a debate. They’d smear anyone not Karl Marx or Noam Chomsky.


"Ryan vs. Biden- what a debate THAT will be, hehehe  ;)"

Biden Vs Palin was bad enough. Luckily for him the press turned her into damaged goods and nobody would listen to her, or at least not enough. I thought she wiped the floor with him.

Ryan is going to steam roll him.


"You can't get the undecided vote (especially the young undecideds) by preaching fiscal have to lie to them...otherwise they will go for the Obama goodies."

The young are staying home this time me.


I am going balls out for the RR ticket (RR=Ronald Reagan coincidence i think not)


Ryan is good. Romney should pull out NOW and save
America, but his destruction of the GOP and Gov. Palin

requires he continue.


The rabid libtards hate Ryan, the Tea Party loves him.

The race will be reduced to TP vs OWS.

Guess how that battle turns out?

Proud Americans from the heartland or drugged up hippies $hitting on cop cars.

Which will voters choose?

Details at 11 (Nov) 


"BTW, the youth is not going to turn out for the assclown Kenyan this time."

That is 100% Spot On.

'The Youth' are ticked. And they're ticked at Barry.

I know they're ticked as our two daughters, especially our youngest and her friends are that 'Youth'. And her friends who may have or did vote vote for Barry last time are not happy campers now -- They've been LIED to, and they know it. They're pretty much all 'under-employed'. That BS and BA degree they have means diddle now, except for what they owe for it. And they know they're going to have to pay it - no 'amnesty for them'. Now matter what lies Barry spews.

Included nn that group are the 'youth' with BSEd and BAEd degrees who've only been able to get TA Jobs and had the 'pleasure' of experiencing Union BS and verbal thuggery first hand by their NEA Teacher 'superiors'. So now they're anti-union too. (they have to pay Union Dues but get NO NEA benefits, like Pay or Healthcare.)

Bottom line -- they loathe Obama and his big living mama. 

They wouldn't waste a Beer to pour it on them if they were on fire. 


Biden is screwed. This might be where they dump him for another idiot (Hillary?). 


The welfare queens and race-hustlers and Communists voted for Obaama on his promise to "fundamentally transform" the US.

The Oprah / Dr. Phil crowd did it because it was THEIR turn to have a Camelot, and how much better to do it with DIVERSITYTM?

Now that he is over halfway to destroying the country only the true belivers are left to vote for him.



  1. "Ryan is good. Romney should pull out NOW and save America, but his destruction of the GOP and Gov. Palin requires he continue."

    WTF is this freeper talking about?

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  3. "Ryan vs. Biden- what a debate THAT will be, hehehe ;)"

    Yes between the guy with over three decades of foreign policy expereince vs. a guy with almost no foreign policy experience. Oh those idiot freepers and their unironic delusions of grandeur.