Friday, August 31, 2012

No Muslim prayers at Democratic Convention, but Cardinal Dolan will give closing prayer

There's been a rumor going around FreeRepublic and right wing blogs that there will be dozens, no hundreds, no thousands of Muslim leaders at the DNC, and that they will lead the whole stadium in prayer, and it will be in Arabic, and etc, etc.

The Washington Times finally decided to put a bullet in that rumor and explain that while there would be a Muslim prayer at an unofficial, nearby event, just as there would be Jewish and Christian events occurring near the convention, the DNC did not snub the Cardinal and decide to have Muslims lead the DNC's prayer.

from where have all the rumors originated??

maybe the DNC??


Gee! What happened? Not extreme enough? Not treasonous enough? Maybe they can open by chopping the heads off American bald eagles to get thier point across.

Not sure there’s any news in the article, and the writer didn’t address why the Moslems chose to hold their large prayer meeting just before the Dim convention and why they held no such meeting before the Republican convention.


It was a trail ballon to see just how this tasteless arrogant decision would effect the reaction of the American public to this insult.


Have been ‘hearing’ from DNC Reps just how ‘diverse’ THEIR convention will be. No one mentioned, 20,000 Muslims showing up. No doubt; this accounts for their ‘record’ diversity. Not that they would mention the ‘details’.


“There will be no Muslim prayer led by any radical Islamists at the Democratic Convention.”

It’s like Snopes.... Since leftist freaks don’t recognize “RADICAL” islamists, they can call it false.


please Cardinal....

speak from the HEART and not from some Dhimmicrat teleprompter.


  1. I thought that the Catholic Church was the embodiment of Satan? Or is that only when it's not Xtians versus everyone else?

    What a bunch of hypocritical, racist scum.