Sunday, August 19, 2012

No Wag the Dog Election Surprise?


Is Obama caught between a rock and a hard place?

Many of us have speculated that he would do anything to get reelected. He would even have a war with Iran or N. Korea... but, maybe that is off the table.

It would not help him with conservatives. We know he is bad and want him gone. It might help a little with moderates or independents, but it would hurt with a large chunk of his no war, noway base.

I was fearful that he would get us in a huge international disaster before the election, but with each passing day, that anxiety decreases a little.

What do you all think? Have the odds been going down, up or staying the same that he will get us into a conflict with another nation before the election?


I think the odds are decreasing; I think there is now about a 40% chance that he uses wag the dog. At the beginning of the year I thought nearly 100%. 


There is nothing Obama could do that would prevent his phony hypocritical followers from voting for him.
Most of the anti war folks in Democrat party are more anti Christian/anti Republican, than they are anti war.

Sure they may make some noise, but will still support him at the voting booth.

I to have worried that Obama might attack Iran for political gain.

We know that his interest in Osama was strictly political


My prediction was he would go to war with Iraq.

But there have been few new troop movements, and it's getting late.

Maybe not.

But, as I always say: If Hitler had been as lazy as Obama, the 1940's would have been a pretty nice decade! 


The only war Obambi is making is on the American people.

We’ve seen the stories about large purchases of ammunition being made by federal agencies that have nothing to do with our military or law enforcement.

Why would the National Weather Service (46,000 rounds) and the Social Security Administration (174,000 rounds) need to purchase these large quantities of powerful ammo?

Perhaps the more important question is why these are otherwise nonthreatening agencies buying hollow point bullets that have been internationally outlawed since 1899?

Obambi chanelling Sir Winston Churchill...(directive to his war cabinet on WWII)...

1. Destroy means of production and distribution of electricity and coal mining

2. Destroy means of production, refining and distribution of petroleum.

3. Destroy manufacturing capacity

4. Terrorize the civilian population. 


I think there's loads of potential for them to play some very severe games. In addition, if they lose you can count on them leaving "scorched earth" for the republicans to deal with.

I wouldn't count out the worst case scenarios just yet.

In fact, I'd be willing to bet they'd encourage the situation, and in a lost election scenario, they'd simply ignore it while the world burns right up until they can drop it in the republican's lap.

Then they'll scream for an overnight solution.

Here's to hoping I can say "You were right" in a few months, but I think we're in store for some nasty times ahead. 


There will certainly be an October Surprise of some kind. Last time, in 2008, it was the sudden announcement of an economic catastrophe—Bush’s fault—that left both Bush and McCain standing there with their mouths open, as Bush’s Treasury Secretary pulled the rug out from under both of them, in complicity with Obama. Obama was the “smart guy” who would fix it.

What kind of a surprise this time? Who knows? Maybe race riots? Maybe a war? Maybe another economic disaster which is blamed on Republicans in congress, who are stopping Obama from fixing it? Maybe the sudden revelation that Mittens is gay? (Never mind that Obama is gay—that doesn’t count!)

Whatever, you can count on something suddenly exploding, and all the media picking it up—straight from the White House basement.


Of course there will be a “wag the dog” event. What it will be I can’t say, but you know Axelrod and Obamao are plotting something. What the Republicans have to do is have a counter “wag the dog” plan ready to unleash immediately with a follow up slam like Breitbart would have done (I truly enjoyed watching Breitbart hit the Dems with something and than when they were picking themselves up off the carpet he’d floor them again with a roundhouse).


If he attacks (or abets an Israeli attack) on Iran, he loses all cred with his Bruthas...That is a fact....he can’t. My fear is that Ahmamurderijad will have the fire, (even if it is from Pakistan) and will use it before November...


  1. "There is nothing Obama could do that would prevent his phony hypocritical followers from voting for him."

    I've got to agree with this one. By not punishing women/poor/brown people for having the audacity to not be rich white men, they're real hypocrites. How dare they?!

  2. I was kind of hoping we would get a legitimate rape thread going on in here. The adult in me wants to believe they would abhor it, but the kid in me wants to watch the world burn.

  3. It's been weird. Last time I checked (yesterday), most of the Freepers were against his remarks, but mostly in a way that was like "Why did he have to go and say that?" rather than "Who thinks that?"

    1. They're not upset that he actually thinks that, they're upset he said it out loud where the lamestream media could blab it to everyone else.