Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fox News Outs The Navy SEAL Who Wrote An Anonymous Book On The Bin Laden Raid

Did the White House leak his name? Or his publisher?


Messed up. Of all the media outlets, I would have never thought Fox would do this. Total disrespect. These men should remain mysterious for a reason: they are America’s Best.


When one of their major stockholders is muslim brotherhood, its almost to be expected.


“I know I’m going to get hit for saying this...but this man put himself out there writing this book...he’s a big comes the heat.”

I'm sure he's more afraid for our country being under zerO next year than his own life.   Men of that caliber aren't afraid of much in our physical world. You'd have to bring in other SEALs or crater his entire property from above to take him out.

Obama payback. Someone at the White Mosque gave it to Fox.


If I had the power, I would shut down Fox news over this and I’d do it today, before sunset.

FUFauxNews, you disgusting bastards.


We probably should wait to read his book. He could be a plant by Obama’s team since they couldn’t get the movie out before the election. It may end of being some book praising Obama to help his election.

Just a thought.


I don’t get Fox. They were, are?, number one. Not by behaving like CNN and certainly not MSNBC.
So, what do they do? Act like MSNBC?

Otherwise, the President should have been impeach 2 or 3 years ago.
Noose readers leaking sensative information and names should be fired.


I wish I could stop watching all over again.

These scum fail to air so many known truths about Obama’s background, yet can’t wait to endanger an American soldier? Screw them!


(there is a long discussion I'm leaving out about whether we should bury captured Muslim terrorists with pig carcasses in order to deter them from killing; one Freeper claims that we did this at one point in our history. This is in response to that)

No one can prove that is true. My guess it is. We Americans at one time were not squeamish about how to kill the enemy. We had much experience from dealing with the Injuns in Injun country.
New York City book publishing is filled with liberals. Anyone could have anonymously leaked this. I worked on a conservative book one time where stories refuting the points in the book started appearing in the New York Times way before the book was published. Before proofs, even. So somebody leaked from somewhere. Agency, publisher, could be anyone.

Anyone who publishes a conservative book and does not want the contents or anything else leaked out ahead of time should issue ironbound confidentiality agreements to everyone who will get anywhere near it.


FOX like all the other outlets never mention many aspects about obama, where is the coverage of his past like outlets do with EVERY PRESIDENT?

Ask real questions in the white house briefing like Major Garrett did.

Why not go over to Kenya and ask his village why they say he was born there, go and see his family there , that is if not all of them are here now illegally and collecting welfare.
Where is his house he grew up in, his school when he was little etc?
Social issues and what the homostapo does is never mentioned at all and that goes for the fake Hannity and others on talk radio.

Not once did they oppose overturning don't ask and one vet got hung up on when he got past the screener whilst many ther vets like me were told that the topic will not be discussed. FOX is yet another elitist network who thinks New York is America.

If we had a real president, people would already be in jail for this. And the key to their cells would be “forgotten.”

--- Yes, that is a Freeper suggesting that under normal circumstances, in the US, members of the press are locked up with no explanation for figuring out an anonymous author's identity.


Could someone of senior years tell me if this sort of thing happened 40-50 years ago because I really find it hard to believe...


  1. "If I had the power, I would shut down Fox news over this and I’d do it today, before sunset.

    FUFauxNews, you disgusting bastards."

    I never thought I'd see the day a turd in the freerepublic toilet would willingly float to the top. Congrats, whoever said this. You're now fit to rejoin America. Also, wouldn't burying Muslim terrorists with pig carcasses just deter them from eating dead Terrorists and absorbing their powers?