Monday, August 13, 2012


Summary: ": PBS Jim Lehrer, first Pres debate, Oct 3 Denver... CNN Candy Crowley, town hall, Oct 16, Hempsted LI... CBS Bob Schieffer, third Pres debate, Oct. 22, Boca Raton... ABC Martha Radditz, VP debate, Oct 11, Danville VA... "

The lamestreamers only left out Josef Goebbels.


Why does the GOP participate in these charades designed to make our candidates look bad?

Don’t our guys have better things to do those nights?


Why do we play the same game every time?

Seriously, PBS is going to moderate a debate?

Who even watches them?

Where is the Fox moderated debate?

They are the biggest cable news network, not puny CNN.

They should just skip the debates, and host Town Hall meetings and get the message out unfiltered.

Screw the MSM.
If Romney Ok'd this he deserve the savaging he will get in the debates.   Question to Obama, "When did you know you would be so wonderfull?"   Question to Romney, "How can you call yourself an American when your Church practiced polygamy, massacred non-belivers and would have denied Barack Obama full membership up to 25 years ago?"

What if Mittens walked on stage and announced what the Lyin’ Stream Media was doing, draw the obvious connection to pre-WWII Germany and then march off the stage to an interview on FOX?
The Romney/Ryan campaign should look over the list, mention that NONE of the moderators is acceptable and walk away. Don’t understand how we can continually be so freakin’ gullible.


The dick-tater 0bama chooses 0botnews-butt-kissers for this.
He brought out the lowest of all.
He is their master.

Actually, a Fox-moderated debate isn’t much better, IMO. During the primaries, I remember reading about Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly huddling before a Fox debate, trying to decide how to trip up Rick Perry and help out Romney.

I want to see Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh moderate a debate, but of course I know that’s as likely to happen as a pink unicorn with glitter on its wings setting down in my backyard.
In a perfect world, the moderators would be:

Jim Lehrer Rush Limbaugh
Candy Crowley Sarah Palin
Bob Schieffer Fred Thompson
Martha Radditz Michelle Malkin

If the 0bamunist Ministry of Information Networks want a complimentary camera to broadcast the proceedings to their dwindling numbers of viewers, the GOP can waive the customary access fees.


  1. At first I was like "well who WOULD be okay?"

    Then I saw the last post.

  2. If anyone who isn't a rabid Republican hosts a debate it's a mockery of democracy.