Friday, August 24, 2012

Shooting outside Empire State Building

This is no longer coincidental. Someone is causing this.

Maybe 'under the radar'. 


Bet there are a lot more of these incidents in the near future.

Never let a crisis go to waste.


Because the first three shootings didn’t have the desired effect.

If this one doesn’t, you will see another attack, and another.


The problem for Big Media and the Hussein Heads is that the shooters are leftist freaks and Big Media has to hush up asap afterwards.


I’m sure there’s plenty of chaos...midtown is always kind of frenetic. (I lived at 54th and 1st for years)


I agree with this photo. One random shooting I can accept, maybe even two, but a shooting every two or three days, all across the country, is signs of an American Syria, Libya, Egypt, sub-Sahara Africa, and the result of an America, becoming exactly what Obama and his minions want.

First destroy the economy, then the jobs, then turn citizens on one another, provoke racism at every opportunity, etc. You get the picture!!! America, you better wake up quickly, may be the next victim of the coming, “Obama”s America”!!! On election day, 2012, destroy Obama and the entire “Hate America” Democrat Party, politically!!!


How on Earth did this happen.

Everyone knows that Bloomie has created a gun-free paradise in NYC! Guns aren’t allowed!.


Empire State Building area:

Woman witness: “young boy - a white boy.”

[an employment incident - shooter was FIRED TODAY - went and got firearm - in Mayor Bloomberg’s NYC]

- Right before the RNC Convention......

“Not terrorism.....” Really?

(Muslim Hassan at Fort Hood [he was on Obama’s “Transition Team” with Stephanie Cutter - she is now a top Obama WH campaign advisor] is still not called “a terrorist” - just “workplace violence”)

The NYPD Cops were on “anti-terrorism duty”

In Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun NYC?

Where do young white men get these firearms so easily?

These “workplace incidents are suddenly piling up fast -

“Changing the subject” for Obama as the clock ticks for Romney/Ryan
OWS? Anarchist/Commie?
I am hearing the cops knew that Holmes was a nutcase before the Batman movie shootings

That three (3) shrinks at the Colorado University knew Holmes (a white “terrorist”) was making threats

- Holmes’ defense attorneys are blocking release of Holmes’ “notebook” which is said to detail his plan of attack in the theater


Great. Moronic woman on Fox just said “It was a good thing that two members of the terrorist police task force were there, so that this wasn’t worse”.

Good reason to have military patrols on our streets to “protect” us. sarc


CCN just said how could a shotgun fire so quickly, HUH and then they showed a black police woman who was frigging massive, how on earth did she even get into the force up there

--- Oh no! An overweight black policewoman! Must be LIBERALISM. I bet this guy never questions overweight white male cops, who are so quintessential to American life that they literally share ice cream with kids in Norman Rockwell paintings.


I’ve been saying for years that the media are the biggest enemy we have in this country.
If we get power back i hope someone gets some bals and investigates how the media lied and cvered for their messiah and then get out there and call these turds out


I’m stunnd that a woman said a guy fell in front of her but she did not know he was shot so she carried on walking.

What the hell is it with some people up there that they see a guy drop to the floor and just walk on as if nothing happened.

Suppose if their messiah obama came or some dopey hollywood star was about they would stop


I thought guns were illegal in new york? /s

Ooohhh. Only the criminals are allowed to have guns. Now I get it.


lets hurry up now and find out who this guy was and how he voted and all about his family....

its the obama way of doing things...but if he was a Liberal it will be kept very low key and quiet... 


So this demonstrates perfectly what the gun-control moonbats don’t want to hear.

A psycho got hold of a gun in a city that has outlawed them. He walks down the street, shoots someone at point-blank range, then, with no resistance walks away, before randomly opening fire on innocent people, hitting 8-10 of them before the police can take him down.

One armed citizen would had him down after the first shot.


  1. Oh my God! Why so much mishaps are there around the world? Is it due to the violence shown in movies? Now, It should be our duty to spread love and patience among our children and public.

    1. Everything you just said is the exact opposite of how freepers think. Except the first part, if you were talking about Prosperity Jesus.

  2. "First destroy the economy,"

    Bush did that.

    "then the jobs,"

    Bush again.

    "then turn citizens on one another,"

    Rush, False News, Beck...

    "provoke racism at every opportunity, etc."

    Tea Party, Free Republic, on & on...

    "You get the picture!!!"

    Yeah, we get the picture. Freepers are describing themselves. They're just too deep in Derpville to see it!