Friday, August 3, 2012

Gabby's Gold Ceremony Question? vanity


Is it just me? I was watching the Olympics tonight in a restaurant. There was no sound. Gabby Douglas was receiving the Gold medal for her all-around performance in gymnastics. She did wonderful from what I saw.   BUT when she received the Gold, she did not put her hand over her heart when they played the National Anthem.   She was holding flowers in the middle of her body with her right hand and had her left hand behind her back.. I blew it off, kinda. But hubby saw it too and we both went into shock. I have never seen an Olympian not do this and I don't think I have ever seen someone not put their hand over their heart during the National Anthem.
Is it just me? Did anyone else see this and wonder the same thing? Has anybody mentioned it on the news?

Should I give her a pass because of her age, nerves and the excitement of it all?

watch the replay, she held the flowers over her heart. I had no problem with it.

Announcers were also silly. They wanted to say first black to gold in all around gymnastics. But said African-American.

Are blacks from Africa Africa-Africans?

What’s a white African now in the US called?


She’s not the only one. I’ve seen a few others do the same. It’s possible they don’t want to cover up the medal during the ceremony. Since you didn’t hear the audio, it might be worth noting that she gave thanks to God during her post-win interview on TV. I’ll give her a break——she’s only 16 and lives at the gym!


Since her Dad is in the Army she gets a pass from me. She showed real class from start to finish. If she forgot to put her hand over her heart it was damn near her only mistake last night. :)

Look, folks, we should celebrate this talented, focused, determined Black American young lady, not bring her down. She is a winner and champion due to her personal dedication, hard work, competitive spirit and support from her family & friends . This what Black Americans need and do not have, due to the miserable leadership of their so-called leaders, starting with Barack Hussein Obama on down.

Some day, maybe Blacks will wake up and realize how badly they have been treated by their own leaders, who accept high unemployment, poor education, massive out-of-wedlock births, and assimilation of Blacks into general American society. Until that self assessment occurs, the overwhelming majority of Black Americans will remain adrift at sea, never moving forward towards real freedom, liberty and opportunity in America. Sad!!!


We should be far enough now to where we should get over the skin color. The NBC announcers turned it into a Ken Burns documentary.


Gabby was a delight to watch. They were all very fun to watch but boy those Russian women were poor losers. Both nights they cried like a baby when they didn’t get the first place. I would be embarrassed. That annoyed me very much.


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  1. Surprisingly not racist, until the second post there.