Thursday, August 9, 2012

Father disowns his gay son in heart-rending letter after he comes out

You probably heard about the redditor who posted his father's letter from 5 years ago, in which he is disowned due to his sexuality.

Maybe he should have just told his father that he was a homosexual and let it go at that. “Gay” conjures up a lot of wacky and spooky images in a person’s mind.


It took a log of courage for his father to write that letter.


A little off topic, but have you ever been on reddit? Those loons make newsvine seem centrist..


Too bad there are not more strong fathers such as this brave man who would put his principles before his Sodomite Son.


What I know is that this "James" decided to make public a private letter, while providing only his side of this story. Conveniently for James, this makes his father look like a very bad man, a real homophobe just like that intolerant Cathy character.
"James" has a need to pit the whole world against his father with this one-sided tale of woe.
Therefore, I don't trust this "James". He comes off as a manipulative, deceptive drama queen.

I had to write a similar letter to my younger brother when he decided to announce he was gay. I tried not to be harsh or to cut off all communication but I did make clear what scripture had to say and advise him not to "come out" around my sister and her children. He doesn't speak to us much but I did help fly him to my mother's funeral and pay for his lodging and meals so surely he realizes I am not cutting him off however I think many gays become hypersensitive to slights and interpret even minor conflicts or silence as "hate" when it isn't so. It's as if they can't wait to find any confirmation of "hate" from straights as somehow justification for their own nastiness and persecution complex.   My advice to anyone who is convinced by faith that homosexuality is wrong and yet must deal with a family member who comes out is to a) stand firm in what Scripture says but b) understand that we are all sinners and do your best to accept the fallen without embracing their lifestyle.


"It's letter like this, or the fear of such things, that drives the young people who come through adolescence with a homosexual inclination to fall into the waiting arms of the "gay community" which, for all its proclaimed "tolerance," preaches the abandonment of Faith, family, basic virtues."

This post encapsulates everything wrong with ‘our side’ when it comes to the homsexual issue.

First, lets stipulate to a simple fact. ‘little Johnny’ has chosen to destroy his family because he prefers taking another man’s penis orally and analy. That his desire to fulfill his sexual desires and put them ahead of everything and everyone but he ‘can be who he is’ has accomplished what exactly?

Not only has he and others like him made the personal choice to cause chaos for sexual gratification is not the worst of it. The worst of it is that he and others KNOW that there will always be people out there who believe that everyone else must change and adapt their lives, beliefs et all to accommodate his oral and anal desires.


So by all means. Please continue helping little ‘johnny’ destroy more families and himself through making it easier for him to do so. And having had a ‘homosexual’ (when it could get her what she wanted) sister in law, I have some experience in the matter.

So the whole thing comes down to this. Is it right for normal people to accept this insanity only to get more of it when they do? Or is it right that people be held accountable for the choices they make?

It's BS. At least the part where he claimed his father immediately disowned him after a near silent phone conversation.   A father that cares enough about his son to be in his life (rare these days) and write a letter (even more rare these days) would have a face-to-face with him first. I only see two possibilities:   -The letter is completely fake.   -The letter came after a long time of instigating or rubbing it in for not accepting his lifestyle. Always bringing it up, bringing ‘boyfriends’ over(probably why he's banned from the house), showing pictures of how ‘happy’ he is at ‘gay’ getaways/parades, etc. I'm in NYC and know good number of people in the ‘community’. This is pretty typical when such a situation occurs.


I think the father is correct.

No invitations to family events, no invitations to reunions.

You do not need religion to determin such advocates are not welcome around civilized family. No place in or around children.

The lost son is just that lost. He is no different than being dead.




  1. "It took a log of courage for his father to write that letter."

    A big, hard log. Of courage....Yeah, courage. The kind of courage you only find in an airport bathroom.

  2. I read your blog often for the lulz but this thread is just anger inducing

  3. @Paul, I know, this one is pretty bad. So was the Joplin mosque one a few posts down. Freepers are most amusingly misinformed, it's always a shame to see when they pass into dangerously ignorant.