Friday, September 16, 2011

Before Medal of Honor, beer with obama (Hussein exploits hero, media plays along)

I heard that the beer served at this photo op was this. The Presidents favorite. [pic of Olde English 40]

It was served to the Medal of Honor recipient in the 40 ounce bottle with the traditional paper bag wrapping.



The father of my three grandchildren is infantry (Big Red 1...Hoo-ahh) in Kunar.

I don’t think he would grace Obamugabe with some photo-op and beers. He’d convince his superiors to agree to him taking his honorarium and then leave.


"To be fair Sgt Meyer requested to have a beer with the President."

Indeed he did... Wanted to speak his mind?


One of the few times in my life I had tear of sadness in my eye and was very happy:
Herbert Shughart, Randall Shughart’s father, attended the Medal of Honor presentation ceremony at the White House, where he refused to shake hands with President Bill Clinton. He then proceeded to openly criticize the president, saying, “You are not fit to be president of the United States. The blame for my son's death rests with the White House and with you. You are not fit to command.”

And the following comments are from an article titled "No Bud Light in the White House".

Summary: Dakota Meyer asked for a Bud Light when he visited the White House, but they did not have any.

Muslims. No alcohol in the house.


I figured if I read enough news I would eventually find something that Obama and I agree on.

--- Threw this in the mix because it made me laugh.


he shoulda asked for a kenyan light.


Bet they have a lot of donuts for Her Royal Hind-Ass! What else would explain her back porch and driveway.

But Obambi could have given him a cigarette, right??????? Gee, Obambi smoking in a publicly owned building . . . bet we couldn't smoke on a tour through that building, could we? But the muslim-in-chief can . . . hmmmmmm


You would think obama would spring for some pretzels or peanuts to go with the beer. Guess the WH entertainment budget has been depleted by moochelle.


It demonstrates complete disregard
for anyone outside the WH.

Someone who cares would have called ahead
and asked sending someone out to buy whatever
in order to make the visitor welcome.

This was all about a photo op for ZERO.

It shows ZERO's utter contempt for our HEROs


Bud Light is the number 1 beer in the US. Not that I would ever drink the stuff because I am a HUGE beer snob. But come on Zero, for a “man of the people” I’m shocked he doesn’t have this on tap.

On the flip side:

Come on guys — let’s avoid the ODS. Good on Obama. This Marine hero wanted a beer with his Commander-in-Chief and the president complied. The fact that Obama gets political mileage out of the photo op is irrelevant.

My son is a Marine infantryman and I teared up hearing this story today on the radio. I am going on my 26th year of active duty in the Army myself including some combat tours one of which was along side two MOH winners. Men like this Marine are exactly why we serve.

For the record, I have never seen someone say anything this complimentary about Obama before, ever, at FreeRepublic. And, no, the Freeper was not banned or replied to.


  1. Bud Light is the number 1 beer in the US. Not that I would ever drink the stuff because I am a HUGE beer snob. But come on Zero, for a “man of the people” I’m shocked he doesn’t have this on tap.

    LOL at the meta-double reverse-hypocrisy

  2. What is with the FReeper's obsession with Michelle Obama's assets? It borders on the level of their obsession with homosexuality.

  3. Obamugabe? Are these retards in grade 4?

  4. Have they reacted to the announcement that the beer was actually brewed in the White House by Obama? I can think of several different directions they could go with that.

  5. Wow, I totally thought there was a post on the whole homebrewing thing, DemetriosX, but it was from before I had a blog. I'll do one right now.