Thursday, January 12, 2012

By Request: Michelle Obama gets her own Twitter account

Summary from Article: The first lady tweeted solo for the first time Wednesday night before the first pitch was thrown at Game One of the World Series. After asking a few technical questions, she pushed the right laptop buttons and sent out her tweet pushing her "Joining Forces" agenda, giving hope to all Twitter-challenged people in America.

"I did it!" she said, raising her hands in the air triumphantly.

The tweet: "Military families serve our nation too. Let's show our appreciation by Joining Forces with them. Get involved." She personalized it with her lowercase initials at the end: "mo."


Photo-op. Her hubby needs the milirary vote so it’s time to trot out the cow and the sow.


But is it really that hard to learn? MO must take comfort in accomplishing easy tasks.


This is a campaign of “MASS DESCEPTION” these fake phoney frauds are following in thier husbands footsteps as well as most of these decietful parasites throughout this administration have been doing for 3 years. Thier job is to appeal to the mothers, grandmothers, children, daughters and the young with compassion, caring, loving and nurturing advise and community organization to rally behind her husband and help him make the changes the teaparty movement and republicans “do not want you to have”. If you tell a lie enough it becomes truth. We have a long tough road ahead and this may be our last chance to set things straight come 2012. They will not go quietly


Twitter is easy.

Sign up for free and if you are a Tea Party person and want to see what is up with other Tea Party people then type #teaparty in the search box and you will get all the tweets that people make with #teaparty in it.

#tcot (top conservatives on Twitter) is a good too.

The Liberals know this so they Tweet insults and lies about the Tea Party and include #teaparty so Tea Party people will see it.

That’s what I do back to them with #liberal. I could rank on Moochelle all day. LoL!


She pushed the right button..impressive.

Just like her WARD HEELER Dad. And I thought she was just a Affirmative Action Babe.


..set up so they can hire more SS to deal with “hate” and threats...might even bypass SS and have their own security forces....need something to stem the growing disgust people are having....




Well La Dee frickin Da.

I guess we can go dere and axe the moose whassup.

But don't call them racist!!!


  1. On a somewhat related note, I saw an ad recently that Michelle is going to guest star on an episode of the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly.

    Batten down the hatches, we are in for a shit storm.