Sunday, January 22, 2012

Black Communist's Regurgitated Dream Is Cause For Left Wing Birthday Celebration As Google Logo

I should have done this one last Monday.

On too many occasions Google has forgone any effort to bring to the forefront of American conscience events in our nation's history, steeped in the patriotic lore that Americans look upon with great pride and achievement. It has happened repeatedly over the years Google in its overwhelming ability to set the cultural agenda having scrupulously followed the liberal left-wing approach in what aspect of our history are we permittted to feel right about and what is verboten as national identity in the things we celebrate about America, being Americans.

In all the years I've been aware of the way Google facilitates the politicization of its logo, I have yet to see one as unrestrained, and over the top as demonsrated by Google's logo in homage to the Black Communist fornicator's Birthday Holiday.

Today America celebrates the birthday of a Communist, rabble-rousing fornicator, not merely 'fornicator' by the means in which he repeatedly unconsionably violated the trust, of his sacred marital vows, but much more so as political fornicator as facilitating destructive force against America.

The horrific irony is that King's dream live on, his legacy remains active and in full swing, not in the guise of the social equality he had sought to reenginer to benefit his people but in the disturbingly same guise of America-hating, Communist fornicator we see taking up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


We used to celebrate the birthdays of Lincoln, Washington, and Columbus. Now only MLK and Christ have a day of their own, Lincoln and Washington share a day with Carter and Obama, and Columbus has fallen out of favor.


The one day a year I fly a confederate flag, just to annoy the holier than thou liberals and historically ignorant.


By the way, why doesn’t this cartoon at least show a range of faces of races — red, yellow, black, white, and maybe tan? Now that would better depict the “ideal side” of this MLK quote (which he in turn borrowed without attribution from an earlier, white preacher).


I don’t think MLK was a Communist. Ronald Reagan signed his birthday into law, and the Black Republicans claim he was one of them.

Yes, he plagiarized and cheated on his Joe Biden and Jesse Jackson. But as far as I know, he wasn’t a communist.


This is like the “the Founding Fathers owned slaves” argument. So you want to close your eyes to the good that the man did?

You know the country did not have to listen to MLK. Institutionalized racism could have been abandoned without him, but wasn’t. If he was the cause for a wrong being made right, so be it.


"I have a dream today, too:

White Christian Males will not be branded racist, robbed of their earnings, and muzzled from speaking the facts about blacks and their drive to take the earnings of whites who work for a living, to fund their 4th generation welfare fatherless-families...."

Add to that:
Won’t be slaves to the divorced wife that takes all of his money and makes him homeless without a care in the world from the Judge that set the scene forth.


"May I assume that you don’t particularly like Mr. King?"
Add me to that list too. But multiply my 'dislike' x108

I lived in Chicago and fairly near to where MLK had his not so 'non-violent' marches. Behind him and some other 'Rev's' in the front lines were nothing but black gang-bangers, just itching for a fight with the white locals. And they got it.


  1. MLK is a fornicator, yet Newt is a Freeper hero.

    1. Well, Noot IS white. And rich. And old. And fat. And a despicable excuse for a human being. So, yeah, they look up to him.