Sunday, January 22, 2012

Giffords to step down from Congress

By the way, the majority of the comments were just short "May she recover well" and "May God help her in her recovery" ones.

We wish her well and a full recovery, but it is time to get another GOP seat in Congress. That could be the next district we live in when we leave CA.


"Sad, she was a blue dog, I hope the scum who shot her gets to meet Bubba in the prison shower."

She wasn’t a blue dog, unless you mean a lap dog for Pelosi. She never, ever defied the Democrat party on anything. On occasion, she would get a kitchen pass to allow her to vote the way her constituents wanted, but ONLY if her vote wasn’t needed.


I wish her well. But as for those who made use of her for political purposes, I have little sympathy.

I imagine we’ll see more of that. She was a relatively conservative Democrat, and the district might well go Republican, so I expect the dirty tricksters will pull out all the stops again, blaming her shooting on Sarah Palin and the Christian Conservatives, who had her in their crosshairs.

Playing for the sympathy vote. I hope whoever runs for that district points out that the killer was a crazy, potheaded leftist, who was given a gun permit despite run-ins with the law because his mother was a high-up Democrat player.


At least SHE cares enough about this Country to know when to step aside ... there are about 400 other Congress members who should do the same ... on both sides of the aisle.

We have to stop paying their salaries ... the original intent was not to make SERVING in Congress a life-long profession.

My gggggreatuncle had to pay his own way when he served in the House representing Virginia and later, Kentucky. Let the States that elect them support them ... with NO contributions from lobbyists or businesses, people, nations. Their pay should come from the people who elected them not from outside their district or State.


Self-sacrificing? Courageous? Really?
She began "serving" in Congress in January, 2007. She just retired. Why the long wait when it was clear she couldn't fulfill her duties long ago?

Members who participated in the congressional pension system are vested after five (5) years of service.

I won't be so nice about her departure... good riddance, you self-serving grifter. Sadly, you clearly belonged in Congress... your kind of people.


I feel horrible for ANYONE who has taken a shot to the head and survived to tell about it.

However; a demonRAT, who steps down is a plus for America.

Coldhearted? Yes. But I care more for our country then some lame a$$ demonRAT......who, by the way, was shot by one OF HER OWN.


No, she was liberal, just not liberal enough for the left-wing nutjob who shot her. Liberal but perhaps grounded a bit more in reality because her district wasn’t exactly like Pelosi’s.

The leftard who shot her was most recently pissed at her that she didn’t vote for Pelosi as minority leader.

--- Uh...what?


"Yes, she may have timed her announcement after she became vested, but in this case I wouldn't hold it against her. She was not ousted because of some scandal, she took a bullet to her head while performing her duties for her district. She has a long and expensive recovery ahead of her, and I won't begrudge her and her family trying to secure a plan for her now.
She did the right thing in retiring for herself and her district, and good wishes to her."

Spoken like a good little sheep. Tell me... what would you think about a military member with combat-related brain damage hanging out for five years on active duty unable to do his job just to get his full retirement? It makes much more sense to medically retire this person and take care of his combat-related injuries.

It says a lot about our society when we won't begrudge a legislator taking advantage of the system to get us to pay them an income for the rest of their lives but we would prosecute your average soldier who showed such hubris.

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