Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Openly gay Miss California USA contestants make history

This is indeed “historic.” We should rejoice at such “progress.”


I've been personally acquainted with several actual homosexually perverted females over the years.

Some of them are scary.

Most make my skin crawl.

NONE of them are remotely attractive, except (presumably) to each other.

In many cases, the unattractiveness seems to be a deliberate choice.


Ugly is “in”; beauty is out. Evil is in. Goodness is out.
Interesting times we live in.


Here's the problem. When you see "do's" like this, you know they are screwed up in many ways.
And they commit suicide from bullying?

I'll bet 100 to 1, they are disgusted with themselves for ever engaging in that lifestyle but there really isn't any way you can step BACK in time...


I saw a nice, sweet, pretty girl slowly get sucked into lesbianism. She slowly became more and more perverted.

I then saw her convert one other girl, this girl came up to me and told me she thought she was doing wrong. I tried to help both of them but once a lesbian has you in doubt they will stop at nothing to convert you.

Now, this girl who used to be a friend actively tries to find things she can do that are against god. Literally if its good, she makes fun of it and does the opposite.


And why is that so many TV shows now insist on including gay men in their character story lines? There are not that many gay men in our population. Talk about being inundated...and propagandized.

Don’t you also kinda wonder why lesbians are so under represented? Power to the Lesbos! But then [their appearance] may be the reason why.


I think that their suicide rates are more to do with their internal thinking (as you stated above), not so much a "disgust" with their past actions. I think some people are ostracized because they are "different," and most of those who are ostracized (probably all of us at different times in our lives), simply continue on to live their lives without ever thinking about those who cast us aside. However, there are those who are so NARCISSISTIC (homosexuality is the epitome of narcissism) they think the world should revolve around them and when reality kicks down their charade, they can't handle it! How many schizophrenics commit suicide? A very LARGE number do! Why? Because when their reality cannot explain the truth which others and they themselves start to see, they cannot cope!


This girl is mentally ill and should put under the care of a doctor.


  1. "HURRR LESBIANS ARE ALL UGLY!" is not a very compelling argument...

  2. Request spot!

    Michelle Obama joined Twitter today:


    Assuming the Freepers *know* what Twitter is, I'm pretty certain they'll have something to say, and that something will include the words "fat ass".